Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello Again!

Hi ya friends! Long time no blog :( I have no idea what happened, first I was blogging away happily every day or so, then it turned into once a week...then kapow I got on my blog and it has been 2 months!!! Gasp I know I think I broke a code or something. Oh well because I have been having undocumented fun with my kiddos since school let out. Yes, I said undocumented, no camera or diary to log in, just fly by the seat of our pants fun.

I had every intention of blogging through the summer, but the week the kids got out our neighbor went a little nuts on us and began yelling at the boys for being boys so we packed up and headed out to do things not involving a crazy neighbor like going to the lake or to the library or to Six Flags, to Nana's house to swim and lots and lots of hanging with the friends. Things with the nutty neighbor have calmed down a bit but unfortunatly our life has not. It seems that I am more busy now that it is summer break that I am during school when I volunteer to make the entire 4th grades copies or PTO stuff, I really dont get it. I guess since the last two summers for my kids were highjacked by family emergencies I felt compelled to make it the best it could be. And in the middle of making it the best it could be the heat kicked in. IS ANYONE ELSE dealing with 114 degree temps???? My poor grass is melting away along with my face and my dogs. So sad. So now we are inside alot doing fun stuff like cleaning the carpets and digging through stuff for a massive garage sale or baking, loads of baking. And of coarse to break up the monotoney of all the fun we have been having I planned my cousins totally amazing baby shower (pictures to come soon!) That was about all the crafting I have done, I made the tissue paper balls and diaper place settings, onzie cookes and had the most amazing cake made!  Not dont get me wrong, I have craft projects lined up but it is soooooo hot if I attempt any of the (they are all painting) the paint will never dry! With all that I guess I have just been out of blog stuff to blog about. Really who wants to hear about me mowing twice a week....come on thats not fun or blog worthy.

So unfortunatly my material is limited... :( and so is my blog updating :( :( But come August 22nd I will be back! So toodles to all!
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