Thursday, August 25, 2011

new series intro: {momma fashion 101}

I am so excited to announce the new series
 {momma fashion 101}
 coming September 5th!

As moms, myself particularly, we struggle with being young, wanting to feel young, maybe unsure what is age appropriate because we still fit into the junior section, chores or even being inside for days on end. I am writing this series for you as much as I am writing it for me.
I want to share with you a few of my struggles and through this series hopefully help us all break free and be able to be well dressed, chic mommas.

I have always prided myself in my cloths and the labels on them. When I worked I could afford to shop at the super snazzy stores, you know the ones I'm talking about...White House Black Market, Ann Taylor, Francesca's Collections...and now that I am a stay at home mom, I daydream about the days I could go in there and shop. I have found myself over the last 4 years going through a series of changes in the way I dress. At first I was so excited to be at home I worked out all the time so I was always in tennis skirts and workout cloths, then after awhile that got old, so I wore the flowy loose fitting skirts and tanks, then we moved out to the country where the biggest store is Wal Mart and it is likely you will see some one bare foot and in their pj's. I was in culture shock! I vowed to NEVER EVER do that, I found myself getting way to dressed up to run errands just to show the people of this small town I was not like them. Then that too got old. I bought a pair of boots and some great fitting jeans and now I find myself in jeans and boots during the winter and flip flops and shorts during the summer. I even realized I took and posted a picture of my on this blog with out makeup, that is how seldom I wear it these days.
I am tired of it. Tired of feeling blah, tired of dressing blah. I am only 30! I am young, I want to be comfortable but well dressed, I have a closet full of stuff, but more often then not I find myself in shorts, tanks and flip flops! Instead of shopping at the ritzy stores I shop at Marshalls, Ross and JCPenny. My heels have been traded for boots and flip flops.
So my quest is this: to regain ME but a different and fun ME and to help you regain you! I want to show y'all that cleaning can be done in jeans not sweatpants, that makeup can be fast and fun, hair is simple and accessorizes take an outfit SO much further. But with all that said I also want to keep it age appropriate! Lets remember our age ladies, the days of booty shorts and bra straps ended when we turned 24 or had kids (which ever happened first) There is nothing that takes away from our beauty like our unmentionables hanging out. I was shocked when I walked into my 5th graders parent/teacher orientation and saw how some of the moms dressed. I can only imagine as horrified as I was to see it, the kids (especially boys) were even more horrified to be with their moms, the girls are growing up learning that their body is what matters most.
Let's change that!
Welcome to {momma fashion 101} a fun series that will rejuvenate and teach us all how to be chic mommas (who don't embarrass our kids)!

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