Wednesday, August 17, 2011

organize your life: {back to school edition 2}

Tax Free Weekend, it sends shivers down my back! I have a love/hate relationship with this weekend...on one hand I love it because everything is on sale and tax free...but...and a big but it is...a JLo sized but...everyone in the state of Texas is thinking it is the best weekend to shop too! So with the added stress that this weekend brings me I thought why not make sure I am organized going into it,
and that leads me into
organize your life: {b2s edition}surviving tax free weeekend 
he most important thing I can say is know what is and is not tax free. Each state is different, check out THIS link to get the information for your state. Once you know what you can get tax free, inventory what you already have to avoid spending extra money you could really be saving!

Go in the store with a list, 6 t-shirts, 2 collar shirts, 6 jeans, 1 pair boots, 1 pair running shoes, and so on. I know this may seem a bit over the top, but with everyone and their dog shopping this weekend I promise it will save you valuable time if you know what you need. On a weekend like this if I can get what I want quickly then standing in the long lines is not sooo bad.

However, before you can even venture out to the stores I highly recommend scowering the internet, looking in the newspaper, find the stores that have the best deals and go to only those.
 Let me break it down  like this: I know that Old Navy never has any clothes worth buying this late in the summer that are in my kids sizes so I know I am NOT going there. I also know that my kids only wear Arizona brand jeans and the best place to buy them is JC Penny, so that is where I am going for the jeans. I know that Aeropostale has amazing deals all the time so to tack on tax free...
cha chin...definatly worth my time!
At Aeropostale I am only going to get t-shirts so that is what we do, we go straight to the tshirt table, grab what we need and to the check out we go! Now, for shoes...the fun part! Every year we all get new boots so we wait and go to Cavendars this weekend and save a ton of money! To bad that's not all the shoes we get, Footlocker has always been a good place to go because of their buy one get one half off so that is usually what we do, only this year I messed my self all up in the name of a good deal. Last week I found a pair of shoes for my youngest at Marshalls for $15 and it was the last in his size so I snatched them up. So I guess we may just get shoes at JC Penny for my other son. They usually have good deals on shoes too.
See there, I have it all planned out and it will only take me 3 stores and a couple hours to be done with.

The thing about tax free weekend that makes me love it so much is that it is not just for clothes, shoes and school supplies. For example, Texas you can get appliances tax free up to $2,000. In Louisiana, hunting and firearms are tax free. Make sure you know what you can get, evaluate what you have and what you need, and if you have the money by all means go buy you a washer and dryer! Bottom line, take advantage of this amazing weekend and shop till you drop...but not till your broke!

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