Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OCD Tip #4

OCD Tip #4

When you want to cut dinner prep time in half, bake or boil an entire large package of chicken breasts, then dice them up in two-cup portions and freeze them. When your receipe calls for two cups of chopped chicken you are ready to go!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OCD Tip #3

OCD Tip #3

When your running low on Swiffer Sweeper pads, or if you just want to make them last a bit longer, use BOTH sides! When the first side is dirty and ready to be thrown away flip it over and use it again! Both sides pick up great.
 And they double as a duster! That's right, instead of using all the chemical products just grab a Swiffer Sweeper pad and get to dusting!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Fall / Halloween Mantle

I am not a huge Halloween fan (gasp) I know I am so sorry! Can I still blog??? I am just not, I love this time of year more than any other, however I am just not over the moon about Halloween. So when decoration for this special holiday you wont see a lot of elaboration at all. I do tons of natural decorating with pumpkins, gourds, pine cones and mums, all that kind of stuff. However when it comes to webs, gooey eyes, witches and blood, not so much.
 But I realize that I have to at lease give a shout out to OCT 31, so here you go!

There you have it ladies and gents, my Halloween mantle A real spook!
Tutorial on banner coming soon!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cha Cha Cha New Chairs! {Living Room Before/After}

I am excited, ecstatic thrilled, to the moon and why you may ask?! 
Well because we fiiiinally got some new chairs for our living room! Yay chairs!

Our sad little living room did look like this...note the sad empty spaces by the fireplace...wa wa wa

We had been holding out for the perfect chairs that were the perfect price...haha what a laugh. After 2 1/2 years I was beginning to thing the two did not go hand in hand. Finally last week we got a call from my mother in law who was getting rid of her chairs, she was looking for something different and just happened to remember me saying "Wow your chairs would look great in MY house..." Thank you MOM!
Perfect chairs for the perfect price ~ FREE! 

So now my living room is happy and looks like this

A few more pillows, small table, and  some kind of unique coffee table and I think we will be done! (for now...)

In case your curious about the chair fabric and pattern here is a close up, 
its a chenille fabric and I love the pattern!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the chalkboard wall and two boys

The picture speaks for itself ~ this is what happens when you have a chalkboard wall and two 7 year old boys. Need I say more?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OCD Tip #2

OCD Tip #2
Not sure how to keep your lunch sandwiches fresh? Try wrapping them in saran then put in a ziplock bag. If you are making a few days at a time freezing them helps too!

Monday, October 10, 2011

6 new uses for SANDPAPER

Sandpaper! We all have some in our home somewhere, maybe like me, you are a sandpaper fanatic and sand everything in sight or maybe it's just hanging out quietly in your husbands tool box. Either way break it out because you are bound to need it to solve one of these solutions!
1. Jar Opener - pesky jar wont open and no strong man around, grab any grit to help you open that jar!

2. Grout Cleaner - who wants to sit on the floor with a tooth brush and grout cleaner following endless steps on the back of a bottle - not me! Break out the medium grit sandpaper and get to work, your grout will be cleaner in minutes!

3. Suede Saver - For those who have the popular, easy to clean suede or micro fiber couches, this works great for you. Because they are neither popular or easy to clean. We have a micro fiber chair that the hubs loves, needless to say it is a bit nasty...a few quick rubs with the fine grit sandpaper and VOILA clean again!

4. Knit Depiller - unless you have that nifty knit knapper thing that cuts holes in your favorite knit sweater trying to take off the piling; this works great! Wipe fine grit sandpaper over your sweater gently in one direction to take those pesky pills away!

5. Sole Scuffer - Rub medium grit sandpaper over the bottoms of your new boots to give that slippery sole some traction.

6. Nail File - emery board no where in site - fine grit sandpaper if a great substitute to smooth out those nails!

Momma Fashion 101 {What 2 Wear 4}

I am loving that fall is here full swing! Fall means scarves, sweaters, jeans and occasionally flip flops. Yes I am one of those people. I wear flip flops until my little toes are going to fall off because it's so cold.  Anywho...this is what I wore last week!

1. Jeans: ANA from JCP, Top: Arizona from JCP the picture doesn't show it real well, it ties in the front and has lots of ruffles on the chest. Its a very feminine top. Sweater: Arizona from JCP, Scarf: Australian Angora my step mom got it for me while traveling to Australia, it is the softest and warmest scarf I have ever worn and by far on of my favs!
2. Pants: Ann Taylor wide leg brown pants, Long sleeve T: Target $7 special, Cardigan: Kohls brand Take Out, Scarf: Aeropostale last season and still in love

3. Jeans: Ann Taylor wide leg jean, Top: ANA from JCP with cream tank underneath, Cardigan: ANA from JCP 3/4 sleeve length 

4. Jeans: Anna Taylor wide leg jean, Top: White House Black Market black top with off to the side neckline I think this top is a few years old, but they always have great basic black tops at WHBM, Cardigan: White House Black Market black and sequin cardigan 3/4 sleeve length. I love this cardigan you can dress it up for and evening out our dress it down for and use it for some flash.
5. Jeans: Cruel Girl boot cut  from Cavenders, Frock: Dallas Sample Sale sorry girls there were only a few, although you see this type of frock all over the place, Sweater: Decree from JCP by far my fav this season, can you tell?

If you have questions, I am open, shoot me an email or comment right here!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Momma Fashion 101 {What to Wear 2}

Momma Fashion 101 {What 2 Wear} continues with on with week 2! I have had some great feedback on this series so that is always really exciting!

This W2W is actually from last week, I just did not have time to post it. I have been working a part time job to bring in some extra cash for the holidays and man oh man is it kicking my butt! But (haha) I am enjoying being in the working world for just a bit and making money is always nice! So with out further adue here we go!

1. ANA jeans, ANA sweater, plain white tshirt from Ross with white cami under. (we don't want to show our unmentionables!)

2. ANA jeans, black tank layered with white tank, sweater/top thing from Marshalls, necklace from Kohls last year. Every girl needs pearls (or fake ones at least).
3. Black leggings, Calvin Klein sun dress with pink tank under, Decree sweater, Justin boots.
4. ANA jeans, ANA 3/4 sleeve button up layered with Express short sleeve sweater.

Not on jeans: I really like the ANA jeans from JCPenny, I own several pairs of the same style and several in different styles. If you find a pant or jean you love wear it and buy many! Jeans will make or break an outfit so make sure you find a pair that is flattering to your body type and style. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OCD Tip #1

OCD Tip #1
If you are like me and are to cheap to buy tinted moisturizer, mix a little of your liquid foundation with your morning face moisturizer in the palm of your hand and voila ~ tinted moisturizer!

What I Use: Maybeline 360 FIT liquid moisturizer and Oil of Olay Regenerist Face Moisturizer

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