Monday, September 5, 2011

{momma fashion 101} develop your style

{Do you know what your style is?}

I think as we get older, instead of being really trendy and following all the latest fashions - we need to develop our own style, one that suits us and our life.
 Develop a style that is you from the inside out – if you’re feminine, look for fabrics that drape and have softness. If you have a casual life, look for tops and skirts that move easily, and that are comfortable but good quality so they don’t stretch out and look baggy.
We need to remember that dressing like a 20 year old won’t keep us looking 20. In fact just the opposite, dressing in clothes that fit and flatter and that show an understanding of the latest fashions will keep you ageless. Focus on developing a look that has more sophistication as you age, but make sure you retain some fun elements that show your personality! 
Just because we are moms and in our 30's doesn't mean we have to dress boring!
I have developed a casual style. I want to be comfortable all the time whatever I am doing. In my closet you will find alot of black, white and tan, with the occasional pop of color, flip flops and jeans...lots of jeans.
My favorite brand of jeans are A.N.A from JCPenny. They have a cute detail on the back pockets and their boot cut fit is great, I also love the length even after they have been washed multiple times.
When I first started trying to develop my style I realized that I was always drawn to Jennifer Aniston. I adore the down to earth, chic way she dresses and styles her hair. I guess you could say she is my fashion icon.

Once you have developed your style, then you can trim down your closet (if you need to that is). I have found that it helps me to have in my closet only things that I LOVE to wear and that I know look good on my body type. I know that when I get dressed I am going to be happy which helps my overall day because I love everything I own.

What do you fill your closet with after you have determined and developed your style?
Following these simple guidelines will help you be the best dressed you possible.
Know your body shape! Get in front of a full-length mirror and try on all the clothes in your closet. Get rid of anything that is too tight and too revealing or too loose and frumpy. Keeping cloths forever may seem like it's saving you money but nothing will age you faster than an out of date 7 year old pair of jeans.

Show skin appropriately! Tops that show off your shoulders and neckline are timeless and can be worn at any age, however it is safe to say at our age and stage of life we need to stay away from mini-skirts and midriff-baring tops. 

Stick with the classic looks! A well-tailored jacket paired with classic-cut pants, a wrap dress, plain t's and boot cut jeans are all elements that show sophistication. Look for dark wash jeans with a plain wash (rather than ripped, torn, distressed or whiskered), these are dressier and more classic and won’t date too quickly. If you are worried they aren't trendy enough, find jeans with details on the pockets. It adds a hint of trend with out saying "Hey I am imitating my 16 year old daughter"! Make sure you hem your pants for the different shoes you own. Having a pair hemmed for flats and one for heels will help you with that classic look also. Stepping on our jeans needs to end! Keeping with these classic styles will help you look good at any age.
Follow trends in small doses! It is OK to be trendy, even fun! But, instead of spending tons of money every few months to stick with the new trends do it with accessories such as jewelry and scarves. Wearing a few accessories shows that you are still a fashionista not a slave to clothing trends.

With those basics we should all be able to put together a classic, but fashion forward wardrobe good for any occasion. Have fun with what you own, but do it with your lifestyle and age in mind! I really believe if we can fill our closets with things we love and are comfortable on us we will be able to get out of the pj/sweat pant mode and into well dressed momma mode. I will never forget a few years ago my son who was in 3rd grade at the time told me I could not go into his school the way I was dressed. I was dropping him off in the morning and had on a pair of sweatpants with a ratty t-shirt, my hair was up and I had on no makeup. Really whats the big deal??? I didn't go in, instead took a cue from him and got "dressed" when I need to go inside his school. Our kids are watching us, looking at who we are and how we treat ourselves. Be good to yourself and start with what you put on!



Tys said...

Do you think you'll keep this as a series? I would so look forward to it! I'm 32 and am looking like you said... not to be trendy, I just want my own style... but have it be stylish ;) I have no clue what fits me right. I've done the try on everything I have a million times and I've come to no conclusion except... that I really don't like any of it. I can't buy a new wardrobe!! I've been a busy bee on pinterest lately trying to figure out what I like then I plan on going shopping, as my birthday is next month! Anyhoo... what I'm trying to say is that I so connected with this post!

Anonymous said...

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