Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{momma fashion 101} trendy for the not so trendy

As I look around at the various people in my life, in my church, in the stores, my friends, my acquaintances, I notice that we all have our own styles. Some of us love flip flops and cargo pants, some of us love skirts and tank tops and yet others of us love to be the fashionista of the group. So far I have had a serious post, a helpful post and a fun post and now I want to begin breaking down our styles and hitting some basics that can make any outfit trendy without over doing the trend.

I want to start with the group that I think most of us fall into...trendy for the not so trendy. This is no jab so please don't take it as one. I am not saying "hey here is how to be trendy"! Because if I am being honest the "trendy ship" sailed a few years back and now I am just a mom finding my style. What trendy for the not so trendy IS saying, is we want to be a bit more trendy but not keep up with all the latest fashions, like when the peasant look came around a few years back, we all jumped on the peasant shirt band wagon. Lets not do that, lets find what suits us and stick a few trends in there.

Not to Trendy Trend #1: The Saddlebag
I absolutely love this because lets face it, we are probably all moms and have to carry a bazillion things including our kids, and a falling purse needs to be the least of our worries. The saddlebag is perfect for us! And when I say perfect for us, I am referring to the classic leather saddlebag, not the plaid or stripped saddlebag we see the teenage girls wearing. Key thing to remember when being trendy, is the big ticket items like purses and shoes should be kept classic in color and pattern, this way we can use these items over and over no matter what changes.

Not to Trendy Trend #2: Pleats
On us, not on our spouses. Pleated pants on men are still a NO! If we want to look well put together and trendy the best way to do that is with pleats. Let me explain...nothing says "I am trying to be my 16 year old daughter" more than to tight cloths (and lets face it at 30 we got the muffin top that NO ONE wants to see) and on the other side nothing is saying "Gramma here" more than a really baggy shirt. To help solve the dilemma, pleats please! A pleated top prevents the fabric from sticking to our midsection with out being to baggy and loose fitting. A dress with a crinkly pleated top and midsection hides the imperfections we all have. And a pleated skirt I LOVE! Dress it up or down either way it is fun!

Not to Trendy Trend #3: Mary Janes
Who else wore these adorable shoes when you were a kid? They were by far not my favorite but now?! I love them. Mary Janes wedges, Mary Jane stilettos, Mary Jane flats...not matter how they are done they scream timeless trend. I am not a big fan of shoes that I can not slip on my feet but I adore this style! Worn with a slack or jean, skirt or dress, the options are endless what this chic shoe can bring to your style.

Not to Trendy Trend #4: Sheer
Light weight, easy to layer, girly, flirty and fun are all words I would use to describe sheer. I have held off the sheer top for quite some time, however I found myself trying one on a few weeks back and I fell in love with it. Let me be clear in the sheer top I am referring to, this is NOT the white sheer top covered in blinged out crosses or other designs paired with a black or teal bra NO NO! This sheer top can be either a tank top or button up that you pair with a matching tank.
Example #1: St. John's Bay® Lace Bib Shirt
I purchased this top in cream from JCPenny and paired it with a cream cami.  The top is a sheer cream fabric, very light and easy to move in and easy to layer to dress up or down.

Example #2: a.n.a® Double Layer Tank
I also purchased this tank top from JCPenny, it comes with a sewn in tank under it, again lightweight and flirty. When I wear this tank I feel girly and pretty, and with the recent cold front that hit Texas I was able to layer it with a cardigan.

Not to Trendy Trend #5: Find that love it outfit
We all have those days, you know those days I am talking about...the I am bloated, crampy, grumpy, feeling blah, bad hair, acne, nothing looks right on me kinda day. I just had one Sunday actually. I stood in my closet and even though I love everything I own I didn't like any of it that day. So I put on my black wrap dress, my tallest heels, and put my hair in a loose messy pony tail. This is my love it outfit. No matter what, I love myself in this outfit, I can pair the dress with several different shoes all the way from dressy to my pink top cowgirl boots and still feel good about myself. FIND THAT OUTFIT FOR YOU! Have a never fails outfit that you can put on, look yourself in the mirror and say..."Yes I am bloated but I look GREAT!"
No matter the trend if you are having that kind of day feeling good about yourself and the way you look makes all the difference in the world.

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