our life

how do you keep it all balanced?

I am frequently asked this question, especially by friends. I have over the years established several routines in my house that help to keep the chaos to a minimum. You can read about them HERE. Fortunately, my kids are a bit older, 10 & 7, so I enlist them to help me with daily chores and hold high expectations of them in their spaces. As a tight nit family we maintain our family time as best we can by eating together, praying together and playing together. However, my husband and I recognize the need for "our time" so we send the boys to their rooms and hour before we go to bed so that we can spend some quality time together.  

how is it your house is so clean all the time?

When my friends come over, the cleanliness of my house often gets questions. And at times I have been told it makes others feel inadequate, two things I always say to them...1) 15 minutes, Windex and a Swiffer sweeper does alot! 2) My kids are not small! I think that is the biggest one, when my kids were smaller my house was still clean but now that they are older there are 3 of us who can ban together to knock out all the chores quickly (and again its all about standards, don't lower them because they are kids, teach them instead). But to those who wonder, yes my house gets messy, in fact it is messy right now!

what is the most important thing you do with your kids?

This is a hard one to answer. Many people play with their kids, dress up and color with them. We support our kids dreams in everything they do whether it be school or sports, but to me the most important time I spend with my kids is in the morning over breakfast when we do our devotional. To me it is so sweet to hear them speak compassion and love, (not that they are always that way) there is no greater thing I could do with my kids then teach God's word.


what are your paint colors?

Call us blah but our whole house is painted in Sherman Williams Latte. I am soon venturing out and painting the kids rooms different colors. We are neutral people and this color goes with everything in every room and allows me to change the decor in other ways with out painting.

why so many glass vases?

I am a fan of glass vases because you can use them for anything and they are cheap! I fill them with candles, books, knickknack's, and fruit.

where do you get all your stuff?

most of our furniture came from Ashley's Furniture, and everything else I usually pick up from Marshalls or Ross. I am a hug bargain shopper and those places get me the biggest bang for my buck!
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