Thursday, March 31, 2011

Interruptions or Divine Interventions?

A few of my girl friends and I are going through a bible study on Jonah, this is a two part bible study, meaning that not only is it teaching us about Jonah and his life but it's also comparing his calling to go to Nineveh and preach the gospel to his enemies to our lives and the whispers from God that we avoid or run like a mad crazy women from.
I find it so fascinating that as I am going through this study, He brings to me that my time as a stay at home mom is coming to an end. Not completely like I am about to go back to work, but he has been burdening both my heart and my husbands heart for me to take advantage of the time I have and begin bettering our future. I did not go to college when I was younger, instead I chose to get married and have a baby. I have been fortunate in finding jobs that allowed me to work up the corporate ladder and before I quit I was contributing a nice amount to our bank account. I was able to not just be a receptionist but worked my way up into accounting and construction budgeting. However, after my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I became his caregiver until he passed, I knew that if I ever had to go back to work it wasn't going to be back in an office setting. Never again would I work my tail off to climb the corporate ladder. 2 years later the yearn for the elderly and compassion I feel towards helping people has not subsided.
Just as I am beginning this study God is whispering to me that my time is coming to prepare myself to help people. To be His hands and feet and go out into the world and help HIS people. Much like Jonah, I don't want to give up the comfort I am in. From 8-3:45 every day I am alone, in peace and quite doing whatever I choose. I don't want to give that up and be committed to something other than caring for my family. I know though that I can not go my whole life in this nice bubble I am in. At some point my kids will be gone and then what? Laziness tells me wait until they are gone to better your future. But the good Lord tells me, "Arise and go". I can choose to look at this calling as an interruption in my life or as a Divine Intervention, and I am looking at it as a Divine Intervention. He put me on the path to care for my family 4 years ago and now he is slightly adjusting my path for HIS glory. 

You may be wondering right now, how do you know if it is an interruption or a divine intervention. Here is the equation that Priscilla Shirer, author of the bible study gave.
 If you ask me it is a pretty darn good one too!
Insignificant Person + Insignificant Task = Interruption
Significant Person + Significant Task = Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention + Yielded Submission = Eternal Significance
And isn't this so true.
I took this and applied it to everything in my life. My home, my crafting, my blogging and facebooking, my future, interactions with my family. And wow, it really helped to put things into perspective.
I can spend all day cleaning and organizing and crafting and blogging about it all and all the while doing very little that is meaningful with my life or I can "Arise and go" and do the task that He has called me to do and make an eternal significance. We all want to leave our mark here and so often we use the blog world to make it in or find our significance as a mother and wife, yes those are great and yes as moms we are making a difference in lives, very important lives. But how does what we do on a day to day basis relate to eternity? Are we making a difference in the lives of our children to ensure they will spend eternity in Heaven? Or are we barely getting by as moms, spending more time on the insignificant tasks? All that matters is what we do for God, and we can craft all day in the name of the Lord but it is not what he put us here for. I am answering his call to "Arise and go" by starting nursing school next semester! I can go part time and still be here to do my job for my family. I know that God is not calling me away from the important job of raising kids and providing a stable and loving home for my family, he is simply adjusting my path. This is my divine intervention! And I am so excited to be able to work for the Lord and better my future at the same time!
I challenge you to look into this bible study, at the very least look at the equation above and evaluate your life. Are you filling your day with interruptions or divine interventions? Is there something you are being called to do that like Jonah and me you are running from? Take the challenge to "Arise and go"!


How Often Do You Clean...under the oven

I can't believe it is Thursday already!
Time is flyyyying by at an insanely fast speed!!
Holly over at 504 Main got me thinking that the school year is almost over! I know so many of y'all still have little ones home but both mine are in school so every June 6th the boys and I get a major life upheaval when we have to get to hang out together ALL DAY. The one thing I love most about summer is for 12 weeks I have minions to do some of my dirty work for me wonderul children to do my pleasant housework with me. However places like under the oven are highly unlikely to be cleaned by my kids, so today I am doing it myself.
Sorry no pictures of my food crusted space, my camera battery died on meso you will just have to take my word on how funkdfied it is under there! I am sure you can imagine what this space looks like, dust and dirt and crumbs and the occasional dog chew or dead bug.
 I used to find toys and those wonderful fridge magnets but not anymore, not any more. WOO HOO! But  can someone please tell me how so much dust and dirt get under there! I get the dryer and even the washer but how does dust and dirt accumuliate under my oven??
The oven is one of those spaces we neglect often, we clean the top and outside and even inside a few times a year, but under...not to much. I am telling you, pull out your drawer, empty it clean it out and then go to work on the floor under it, you will be surprised and grossed out and will never forget about it again!

So tell me please, how often do you clean under your oven?
And how does it get do darn funkdfied under there???


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Makeup Review: 3 in 1 concelear

I am always on the search for makeup that makes applying easier, is less time consuming and gives me the ultimate impact.
 This product is not necessarily less time consuming, but it is easier and gives great impact. There is a product line called Physicians Formula. You can get it pretty much any where and compared to Almay or Maybelline it is EXPENSIVE. I tried it years ago when it first hit the stores and was not too impressed, and since then I have noticed the prices going up and that they brought out a line of all mineral products. Some say mineral is the way to go...I say makeup is makeup who cares. But after my experience with this new product I am thinking of hopping on the mineral band wagon! What is this product you are asking...
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear 3 in 1 concealer!
This stuff is so cool! You get three bottles, one is yellow and is for the dark under eye circles, the other is your normal concealer for blemishes and dark spots, then and the MOST AWESOME is a pink highlighter for your brow bone, cheeks, nose line, any where you want highlighted. I have started using it in place a eyeshadow in the corner of my eye. I love this stuff! Like i said it doesn't really make application faster because now you have a few extra steps but the bottles all snap together so they are easy to find amongst your makeup and they all have their own applicators.
The best part...this stuff really works! You can noticibly see a change in the highlighted areas and the concelear coverage is awesome! And to meet the needs of everyone they have another color scheme you can buy replacing the yellow for green to cover your redness. How cool is that!? And all this for just $9 at Wal Mart. Cant beat it so you may as well join it, your face will be thanking you!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Greatest Woman EVER

11 years ago today the greatest woman to ever touch my life passed away. My mother.
She was no saint, in fact while growing up I couldn't stand her. She was the every problem in my life. Both my parents were alcoholics and both suffered desperately with the disease, low self esteem, the need to keep up with the Jones'. Even though we traveled to every tropical place known to man, lived in a nice house, and had good cars neither of them was ever really happy. When my dad was sentenced to 4 years prison for drunk driving my mom slipped into a depression. On the exterior she seemed happy, but behind closed doors she was a hollow shell. I was left to fin for myself from the time I was 12 until she met and married my step dad at 16. And even after that her need to drink outweighed her need to mother every time. My senior year with God's strength she quit drinking. While out partying with friends that summer, she called me to come home immediatly, when I got there she gave me the news...stage 4 breast cancer. Several months earlier she had gone in to have her annual mammogram and there was nothing there. In just a few short months a tumor that felt to me like her chest bone had grown. They said because of her drinking, tanning and smoking her tumor growth was accelerated. As I sat in her lap crying, knowing deep inside the outcome, she comforted me and told me she was going to be fine. She was going to beat this disease too. They did chemo, 6 rounds of it I think, maybe more. She started loosing her hair, and to avoid drawing the process out to long she called our hair dresser and had her come over and shave her head. I wanted to shave mine too to show support, but she wouldn't let me, so I cut 9 inches of long blond locks off and donated it to Wigs for Kids. I can honestly say I never saw my mom feel sorry for herself or shed a tear because she didn't understand God's plan for her life. When she quit drinking she found the Lord and dedicated her life to him. During her illness she found a love for life that I had never seen her have. She took the treatments and sickness and went on and loved life in spite of the hand she had been dealt. After the chemo was done they removed the shrunken tumor gave radiation and told us to wait, hopefully she was in remission. They tested the lymph nodes from her armpit and were relieved that the cancer was not present in them. No spreading! Even though she was diagnosed with Stage 4, it was not going to be terminal! Unfortunately, soon after the lymph node removal she got Lymphnodia. With out the lymph nodes present there was no filter to clean out the blood and toxins, so her arm and hand swelled. She went through exercises to keep the swelling at a minimum and was very fortunate that it was not to bad. And still, if there were roses she would stop to smell them and praise God for them. She took every moment in as though it were her last. Deep down I'm sure she knew it would be. We went to Nebraska to visit family for the holidays and half way into our trip her breast started swelling with pain and redness, so she went to the hospital up there. They ran tests and had her doctor send her records up there (at 19 you sure are naive, I refused to see what was happening), we cut our trip short, I was just glad to get back to my friends and Texas before the New Year. I had no clue the severity of what was going on, nor did I really want to know. Even though I didn't get along with my mom when I was younger, after my dad went away she was my world. My home was not a house it was where ever my mom was. So when I got the news that the cancer was back devastation set in. I dealt with it in all the wrong ways, going completely off the deep end. But even then she kept her head up. She had a mastectomy right away and was excited because she was going to get a tummy tuck once she recovered to give her the breast back. Amazing, a woman with such faith. She battled wearing the prosthetic breast much like she battled wearing her wig. It wasn't her, and with her confidence in the Lord she shed them both and let the world know her just as she was. She was proud, happy and filled. The confidence she had she could have only found in the Lord. And she continued to smell the roses every chance she got. She under went more chemo and radiation just to make sure it was gone. All was well, she was recovered! But then the back pain started. Horrible, uncontrollable back pain. It's just the chemo in your system hurting your joints, that's a side effect the doctors said. It will pass they said. It didn't pass and all I know is I was told they wanted to run tests on her and it would be easier if she just stayed in the hospital for a few days to avoid the going back and forth. She went into the hospital on a Wednesday, I went out of town with some friends on that Friday, again I had no idea and didn't want to see what was right in front of me. Our trip got cut short, so I headed back Saturday and she was fine. Normal mom. Family started coming in town, every one was paying their visits. Still I didn't see it. Everyone else knew my mom was dying right before my eyes but no one told me. They all played it off like they were just there to support her. She didn't want me to know and told them not to tell me anything. She sat in her hospital bed and planned her entire funeral. What a woman with such strength and faith in the Lord. On that Monday she took a turn for the worse. By that night she was on oxygen, she would not make it through the night they told me. This was the first time any one told me she was dying. Talk about a blow. She did make it, by Tuesday she was hallucinating due to lack of oxygen getting to her brain, she couldn't move or talk she just laid there on her side so helpless. And again they said she wouldn't make it through the night. But she did. Family paid their final visits and said good bye. And as I was standing by her side holding her hand she mustered up what must have been every ounce of strength to tell me "I love you". I read her a poem I found about being a great mom, and told her I would be OK she could let go. I was strong and had seen her strength she need not worry about me any more. My mom died in the middle of the night that night. Once week to the day after she was admitted into the hospital the Lord called his child home. And in her place He left a memory of a loving wife, amazing mother and strong confident Christian woman. It was evident at her funeral how many lives she touched and impacted. The church was so full people were standing. Flowers piled high her grave plot for weeks.
Not a day goes by that I don't think about her and wonder if I have made her proud. I know I have. She taught me life doesn't matter if you cant love it with every fiber of your being. She taught me faith and trust in the Lord. She taught me to take off all the fake and show the world exactly who I am and be proud of it, because it is exactly how God designed me.
My mother was the greatest woman to ever have a place in my life. We didn't always get along but after it all I can look back and see that my mom always always always had my back.
This is for you mom, may your memory never be forgotten in the lives it touched.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Sports have hijacked my life!

Do you ever wonder where you own life goes? Find yourself sitting back thinking how did I get here? Realize that you love someone else more than anyone in the whole world, but that someone or someones are less than 5 feet tall?
I have, and am currently right there! I have been blessed with 2 boys who are sports inclined and love with an intense passion the game of baseball!
One, two, three strikes, your out at the ol' ball game...
We have played a wide variety of sports since our boys we able to toddle on the field. Soccer at 3, baseball and football at 4, basketball at 5 and then have consistenly played football and baseball every year since they were able to play. After we moved the boys decided they wanted to give up football (frowine face) and play year round baseball (happy face) so that is what we did. We played 2 seasons in a new organization and decided real quick the people in the city of Azle have no idea how to play a real game of baseball (their youth program SUCKS!!) So this season we made the decision with our kids that we were going to play select ball. Both the boys were lucky enough to make select teams and away we went. It hasnt really been to bad thus far with only practices going on, but HOLY COW last week we started games too.....AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!  This was our schedule last week....
Monday: practice 530-630, home by 645
Tuesday: game at 6 and at 745, home at 11
Wednesday: (normal day for us to go to church) game 745, home by 11
Thursday: practice 530-8, home by 830
Saturday: leave house at 9 home by 4. scrimmage from 10-12 and then batting practice from 1-3
Sunday: get up go to early church service 830-1030, practice 12-2, then pictures 430-630.
Is that insanity or what?
The really crazy thing is we have done this so many times with two kids, yes its a bit busier being in a select league...normally practices stop when games start, not here we practice...when we dont have games,
but its our life and we have become accostumed to this life and we LOVE this life.
Running in two directions and meeting in the middle, gathering as a family when ever we can. When the odd chance happens that we only have one at practice, the other doesnt stay home, no heck no, we enjoy it as a family and cheer each other on.
Our friends think we are nuts, that we need to find a league that is less competitive...WHATS THAT YOU SAID??? LESS COMPETITIVE??? That is insanity! How could our kids really enjoy this they ask...isnt it too much?
Believe me when I say I have asked them, we made this decision to go select as a family and they love it every minute of it. What kid doesnt want to stay up late on a school night anyway? Hear their name chanted from the stands or stand firm protecting their plate while knocking another kid over and call it a baseball play. My kids love it, as a family we love it. So yes maybe we are a bit nuts, but it works for us. Our kids are learning team work, what it feels like to loose and to win, comradarie, balance and they are having fun!
Sports have absolutely hijacked our lives for now, but I know come July we will be back to normal for a few months and my kids will have taken so much from this experience.
And that keeps me going when my eyes feel as though they are going to fall off my face because I am so tired. It keeps me excited to sit in the stands when it's 102degrees or 62 degrees.
So now of coarse I wanna know...
What sacrafices do you make for your family? Is anyone else out there crazy involved in some sport or youth function? I wanna hear from you!!! But please no bashing, if you dont agree that is fine, but respect that this is our families decision. Share in fun and relation to our experiences, what did you do as a kid, what do you do with you kids???


Monday Musings

I went to wake the boys up this morning and found Robert in Chances bed, no suprise there.
 Chances bed has no sheets on it (I suck sometimes) so he put a sleeping bag over it using it as a sheet. Robert was sleeping under the sleeping bag instead of on top and I guess decided that the bare bed was scratchy...perfect for an itch.
He looks up at me with sleepy eyes and says...
"This bed is a good finger itcher for me"


Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Often Do You Clean...the toothbrush holder

Cleaning the toothbrush's a dirty job but someones got to do it.
I used to clean the toothbrush holder every time I clean the bathroom, but then we got one that has the top glued on with the 4 holes in it and so I am so guilty of NEVER cleaning it.
I happened to look in it a few weeks ago and almost vomited. A health hazard for sure, and ever since I have been doing my best to clean it out. But no matter what I shoved in there nothing was getting all the nasty out...UNTIL (this is a tip to keep up your sleeve for sure!)I read in House Beautiful to fill it with water then drop 1 Alkaseltzer in and letting it do its work, all the bubbles go to town breaking down the nasty. CRAZY! In 2 minutes my toothbrush holder was sparkling clean! No elbow grease necessary, not even a drop of sweat just an Alkaseltzer. If you never buy it I recommend getting a package for this reason alone. The quick cleaning of this made me want to know how often one should actually clean your toothbrush holder. It's really not surprising...OFTEN! Like every week, because of the bacteria and stuff. So I am vowing to do this more often for sure. I may neglect my fans or my toaster but never again will I neglect my toothbrush holder!

                             (Before)                                                                                (After)

      Have you recently been shocked by the nasty in your toothbrush holder?
Any more tips or tricks for these little 4 holed bad boys?



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring has Sprung in my house!

It is no secret around these parts that Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, people are doing yard work, and I even shopped my first garage sale Friday (check out my finds here). All this green and beauty has bit me and I have been moving stuff around, freshening up for the new season.
Check out some of the changes I have made!

Changed my candle out for my pretty sphere.
Who says candle holders are only for candles?

Added some fresh blooming stems from my Spirea bush to my bedroom and living room.

My naked table. (click here to see the previous look)
Traded out the runners for a clean and classic look.

Planted some Sweet Alyssum Flowers in pots for my kitchen, great for indoor growing!
 Gives a boost of color and sweet scent for the kitchen!

I hope that brings a smile to your face the way it does mine! 


Monday, March 21, 2011

Burlap that sheds and a spilled cup of milk

I fell in love with burlap like most blogland and I created this beauty...
so I thought beauty...
I have to admit I have been secretly having love/hate feelings for my pretty table runners. I love them when I look at them, but I hate them when we need to use the table for dinner.
Burlap is sooooo messy! It sheds relentlessly, I had hoped the shedding would stop but it doesn't and every time I have to move the darn runners I kick myself for loving them so much. Hubby has hated them from the time he laid eyes on them which makes admitting I hate them even harder.
Last night at dinner I decided I would just put our dinner place mats over the runners instead of taking them whole thing off like I usually do every night. A very unfortunate accident happened with in the first 20 seconds of sitting at the son spilled his milk all over them. Fortunately burlap is resilient and did not stain but once they were off for the night I rekindled my love for my empty table top scratches and all. So now my table is naked, but it's OK I'm actually lovin it!

So naturally I have to ask all my burlap lovin friends, does your burlap shed and what do you about it?
Is it decorating is painful so live with it or is there some crazy trick I missed along the way. Becausee I have to say if there is not, I am not diggin the burlap so much on this table. Now on my dining table, that we hardly ever use or wreaths or other projects FAB idea, just not here on this table.


Monday Musings

As a family who loves the search for deer while driving the back roads this is what I heard.....
Robert: deer, deer, deer, there is a deer!!!
Chance: ( in the most matter of fact voice possible) Robert, those are goats!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boys bathroom update

In this post I showed you that I bought these two sailor ship pictures and mentioned a little update that may be coming.
Well it came!
 I knew as soon as I saw them that I waned to put them in the boys bathroom they were right up my alley for the redo I had in my mind.
My vision included the colors black, white, tan and dark blue. I have been digging all the stripes recently so I thought I could incorporate those with a black and white striped shower curtain.
I found this one at Target for $30 (uh oh a bit to pricey for me). I envisioned tan and dark blue towels, a clear vase full of sand with a candle in the middle, and some kind of basket for the hand towels, a shelf of some kind above the toilet and to finish it off pretty vintage looking knobs for the cabinets drawers and stenciling for the cabinet doors.
  It didn't come together quite as planned. The shower curtain really threw a wrench in it. I went every where and could not find one for a price I wanted to pay. I refuse to pay more than $15 for a shower curtain for my kids, my 7 year old still wipes his toothpaste mouth on it from time to time...
But I did find a plain white one at WalMart for $10 that I could paint strips on if I really wanted to
 (I really want to).
I went back to garage sale again today and found a wood decorative boat paddle with hooks on it, so I got it for 25cents! STEAL!!! So I painted and aged that baby up and hung it above the toilet. I found some clear hanging candle jars at the $1 Store I am going to grab and hang from the hooks, little sand and white candle and we have SNAZZ!
I got out my trusty stencil and stenciled away on my cabinets with black acrylic paint
hung a hand towel hook with the blue hand towel, filled my vase with sand and a candle and found a pretty silver platter for my other garage sale steal (shell votive candle holder) and some more wash rags, and put their tooth brushes and paste in a glass jar. Still need a few more loving touches till I reveal the complete pictures but this is a good idea of it.
 Keep an eye out and once it is completely done you will see the ugly duckling this beautiful swan came from.

What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions, open to any?! Should I paint a few thick black stripes on the shower curtain or leave it white?


Friday, March 18, 2011

Featured on Facebook

I opened up my email this afternoon and to my surprise had an email from Bella at
saying how much she loved  my birdhouse reno, in fact she loved it so much she was featuring it on her Facebook!!  How cool! Thanks so much Bella, what an honor that is!! Ya'll pop on over to her blog or her facebook and check her out. She has an amazing blog full of all sorts of stuff, jewelry, crafts, link parties, family stuff, its great!


Garage Sale Pickin

I have to say I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! There are so many reason why, but my reason this morning is because I opened my blinds this morning to see the FIRST garage sale of the year! YIPEE! Who doesnt get excited about a garage sale!! And I didnt even have to drive to get there.
I threw on some sweat pants, pulled my hair up and over I went to score these fab finds
for...wait for it...wait for it...$6!
 Yes $6, the magic number, cant go wrong or get in trouble with 6.
(SO sorry just quoted Zack and Cody on the Disney Channel....)
Anyyywho. I already have the black bucket full of pinecones next to my fireplace
and the silver bowls which are plastic will go on my matel full of something green and pretty and the boat pictures are going to go in my boys bathroom.
I am going to do a black white and navy color scheme in there.
 More on that as it starts coming together.

I cant wait until more start poping up around here. Now I am off to find the filler for the bowls!
Have there been any garage sales around your town recently? Find any fab finds??


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Got Letters ~ Gotta Frame!

A few months ago I made these pretty yarn letters(click here to read post)  for my master bedroom.

After I hung them they looked lonely...

And ever since I have been on the look out for the perfect frame for the perfect price.
Today I found the PERFECT Goodwill...for $3! HECK YEA!
 I am so excited.
So excited that I forgot to take a before picture. Not much of a change really, just a quick sanding and then some stain. I have a gallon of our cabinet stain left so I use it for EVERYTHING!
 I was going to paint it cream and then distress it some. But once I got the brown on I didnt want to touch it.
And now my once lonely letters are lonely no more!

I tried to get a good picture of the frame, but it wasnt agreeing with me. It is a really deep large frame.
It is much bigger and thicker than it looks.

What do ya'll think? Could it use anything else?


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How Often Do You Clean...Light Bulbs

Welcome to week 4 of the How Often Do You Clean It...Series! I am so glad that you have joined me on this journey to clean up and clean out the neglected spots of your home.
I am having so much fun...yes fun...exploring areas of my house to find dirt.
I never thought I would actually seek out dirt....but it is definitely making me more aware of how dirty our house gets even when we keep it UBER clean.
I wish I could claim this one as my own, but I cant...yesterday I was reading House Beautiful online and found the artice 13 Spring Cleaning Tips, which are all very helpful, the last tip went off like a light bulb in my head...
Tip 13: Clean your light bulbs!
 I can honestly say I suppose I have wiped a light bulb or two down before when dusting the fan or lamp but I have never actually taken the time to really clean the light bulbs. And why not?
Don't you love the look of a new bright and shiny light bulb in your fixture as much as I do???
Then why not clean them periodically??? 
After reading this I went to check out my light oh man I am surprised the fuzz didn't set fire.
Not only is this a health hazard and a home hazard this is a violation of the too much fuzz rule! 
So this week get a damp rag and go to town, take out the bulbs, wipe them down and enjoy the cathartic effect it has on you!

So now as I do every week, I must ask...How Often Do You Clean...the light bulbs?
Seriously, as often as me? (NEVER)
After you cleaned them were you totally amazed at how light and bright they were again!?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birdhouse Update

I have had this birdhouse for several years, like 4 or 5 I think. It's one of those things that when I bought it I loved it, it sat above my fridge and made me smile. But now it wont fit there anymore and finding a place for it has just become a pain. I don't really love it much less like it. fills space quite nice, so since we moved to the new house it has made its rounds here.
 Attic, living room, bedroom, mantle, kitchen counter, in a basket and now in the laundry room.
I have been staring at it thinking it needed something to pep it up a bit. So I spray painted it! I on purpose forgot to prime again because I loved the way the candle sticks (click here for post) came out when I really forgot to prime them, so praying it would turn out good and bring me happiness once again I grabbed the sad little birdhouse and some sandpaper and got to roughing it up a bit.

Sad little birdhouse after the sanding...
Then I spray painted with Valspar Antique White spray paint. I have learned I am a very very very impatient spray painter. I hate to wait until it dries. This is my downfall. Oh well, when I am sanding most of the spray paint off does it matter??? - No really I am asking...does it?

Much happier birdhouse after the spray paint.
I let it dry for a few hours while I cleaned house, I would have attacked it again but I ran out of spray paint...

Then I grabbed more sandpaper and roughed it up again. Pretty cool!  I had a hard time getting into all the nooks and crannies to sand it down but over all looks good! And it almost seems like its smiling again!
I am even thinking she may go on my mantle again soon! Add it to my mantle with a bit more green and voila! Masterpiece! Until then...back in my laundry room she goes.


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Lovely Spaces I Love

While perusing House Beautiful online this morning I found some to die for spaces!
I really love this kitchen! I think it's the backsplash that draws me in.
So many unique things in this room!

This kitchen is so light and bright but yet has dark wood features too!
I am seriously thinking of getting putting a pair of those fruit trees in my kitchen!

The only thing I like about this room is the bright greens and yellows. 
I always use apples and pears in my kitchen but I think I am trading them out for lemons and limes.

The dark sophistacation of this room is stunning!
I can see my family lounging here!

I love the chairs in this picture!
We have been looking for something similar to them for our living room.
To bad our living room isnt big enough for the buffet table too. What a great set up!

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