Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yarn Wrapped Letters

 I love IT! They turned out so amazing and look even better in person!!
Items needed:
1 big letter for your last name
2 smaller letters for first names
yarn in 3 different colors
hot glue and gun
This project is soooo easy I did it while I was lounging in bed on Saturday morning, thus why there are only a few pictures…oops.
You will want to follow the natural lines of each letter, and on the harder letters like S and J it is best to hot glue the edges before you start so that the yarn will hold in place. It took me about an hour and a half because the S was pretty tricky but all in all, cheaaap and classy, just my style.
Currently their home is in my bedroom above the dresser but I am not sure if they will stay there. I had bought the green yarn because it matches the colors in my living room and kitchen, in our master a very pretty blue is the accent color, sooooo I duuno how long they will stay there. Or heck I may just rip the green yarn off and make it blue……..All that is missing now is an empty frame to surround them.

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