Friday, January 28, 2011

A love for all things Monogrammed

There is no denying I love my last name -Campbell- I mean its just awsome. It would be more awsome if I was actually related to the soup people but.....wishful think ladies.
Oh well enough day dreaming.....
And because I love my last name so much I love to put it on stuff, I have it on signs and family trees and big giant wire wrapped letter C's, yarn wrapped initals and my pottery barn knock off monogrammed ornament. When I look around my house and see these things I get sooooo HAPPY and GIDDY I dont know why I just love it! My husband thinks enough is enough already but really can there ever be enough???

So here are just a few of my projects that I have done. I will be linking back to this post the tutorials of each item, so if you see something you like and it doesn't say how to make it check back!

I got the idea for this sign from Shelly Smith at House of Smiths
she has the most adorable sign she made for her entry. I tried my hand at it and this is
what I got!

I saw this in a much bigger scale in a Martha Stewart magazine and fell in love.
The one in the mag was HUGE and expensive, so I came up with this and gave it
to my hubby for his Christmas present. It was super easy to make and not too expensive!

I made this wire wrapped letter a few years back and loved it so much I made one for
each set of parents that Christmas. Its soooo easy and cheeeeep! Which makes me and my
checkbook happy! 

I love this! I love texture and color and these are so fun! 

And this is my Pottery Barn Knockoff! Over the holidays I was scouring the local
Pottery Barn store for ideas, and in a basket they had all these monogrammed ornaments
for  $2.50 each. They were so chic and simple which is what I love I wanted one. And as I
kept looking at it I realized how easy it would be to duplicate. And for $1.00 in scrapbook paper I did.

And it sits on my mantle and fits in so nice. The great thing is it doesnt just look
like an ornament, it can go anywhere and it does, it loves to travel in my house!

Theses are just a few things I have in my house that let people know who we are. See it's not overkill...right????

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