Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mid Nite Babble

So what do you do when you can’t sleep? Anyone… anyone… chirp…chirp…didn’t think anyone was there…Its 2:01 am and I am wide awake! Crazy I know, especially for me, I am the one who at 9:45 every evening is falling asleep during Hawaii 50 or CSI something and here I am tonight this morning sitting on my couch on my laptop wide awake! It is partly due to the fact that my wonderfully amazing husband has been snoring is head off in we went to bed and if I don’t beat him asleep there is no hope. Which as we already established is really never a problem. Oh well, this nite owl is doing some major work on her blog and am so excited! I really hope the 6 people who visited it yesterday come back to visit again! As I am sitting here ideas are running through my head, things to post, past projects I need to put on here, past projects I did not take pictures for, darn darn double darn! Oh well have no fear there will be more. I am, like most, coming up with ideas faster than I can complete them and come up with the money to fund them. Oh well. My most recent projects I am planning on posting in the next day or two, they are decoupage signs and yarn wrapped letters, The sign my hubby thought was great, the yarn wrapped letters however….um…not so much…he informed me today that people know who we are already and there is no need to continue to monogram our house. However, I beg to differ. Either way I love them and isn’t that all that really matters…

Well on that note, I suppose I am going to try my bed again. Good luck to me!


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