Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Master Closet Shuffle

I shared in my post yesterday that I love my master closet. It is my haven, I love to go in there and talk on the phone (it is the only place in my house I can get some privacy with 2 nosey boys). So while I’m in there I want to look at organization and cleanliness. I want to look around and see pretty stuff not blah stuff. So in order to make it more efficient and make me happier I did a little shuffling.
(this is what it looked like before)
It all started with my neighbor throwing out his storage system. I am not normally one who dumpster dives or even snatches stuff others have thrown out but I could not pass up this baby!
This is a $30 storage system from The Container Store WHOO HOOO!
I immediately had grand thoughts for it. I filled it up with all my lady unmentionables, this is such a win win. (My husband wins because I can now quite complaining about my lack of dresser drawer space, and I am happy!!) And after it was full I put in its final resting place in my closet.
I was able to use one of the drawers for my belts which opened up space on my jewelry wall. So I got one of the nifty cork board packages and used the oh so wonderful Command Strips to stick it to my wall. I then got the prettiest colored tacks I could find and hung all my earrings from it! Yay!! No more losing my earrings in the silver bowl.
Another WHOO HOOO!

 I also had a Coach box lying around (it is so pretty I just couldn’t get rid of it) so I used that to put all my scarves in

and then used a silver dish for my body spray and lotion. I keep these in my closet because my husband hates the smell of them so I try to keep it confined to a small area, and because my closet is the first place I go after I shower so it just seems logical. Any way enough of that rabbit trail! And with those few small changes it seems more useable and...
I have space for 3 more pairs of shoes!!!
I love it and I love cork board. I have another project lined up for the other 3 squares of cork so check back in that will be coming soon!!!
 Happy Organizing ladies!



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