Friday, January 21, 2011

Old Wood Signs

This is another project I completed recently that I just adore! If I could I would make one for every wall in my house….but that may be overkill so I’m sticking with these two cuties!
I got the idea for the sign from one of my fav blogger Shelly Smith over

Items Needed:
Wooden plaques or boards of some kind (any size you want, I got mine off an old wooden crate I bought at the antique store.)
Spray paint (any color)
Stain (brown)
1 small bottle of acrylic paint (any color)
Sand paper
Decorative decals (your choice)
Small foam brush

Ok so first things first. Stain or spray paint your wood with a dark color or whatever color you want to be the background color.
*While the wood is drying you move on to your printer. Some of you may have the cherished circuit or silhouette however I do not so I am old schoolin it. I do all my lettering/wording on the computer and print the page off. Then tear the page carefully around the edges of the lettering but make it look old and worn, I found by tearing at an angle it gave the torn edge some character.
*By then your wood should be mostly dry.  You will decoupage the paper to the wood board however you want. I went over the whole board and paper with a layer of decoupage to give it a good seal. Let it dry for about an hour.
*Then I used a cream spray paint and sprayed around the lettering and gave a very light coat of spray paint over the lettering. Now the fun begins. I love me some sandpaper!! Start sanding around the edges and all over, even on the paper itself. Rough it up until you’re satisfied.
*I then took the foam brush and very lightly dipped it in my can of stain (I have a gallon of stain left over from my cabinets and it really comes in handy for these little projects.) and dab it on a paper towel. And wipe it back and forth across the wood board. You can do the same with paint as I did on the Simplicity sign. I used red paint and diluted it with water. After that dries you then apply the decals and sand again until satisfaction. I like to rough up the decals too so that they don’t look brand new on this old sign. I continued to paint and sand until I reached the desired effect.
*And last but not least, go over the edges with the stain to give it that old effect.
And voila you have a new cute sign!

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Dominique said...

I love these!Super cute!

Me N My Thrifty Ideas said...

Oh my gosh...seriously?? You are super talented girl! I am going to feature you today! Welcome to blogging!

Young and Crafty said...

This turned out great! I just love the look of an old sign or a sign made to look old :)

Thanks for linking up to FFA!

Hannah @

OCDesign said...

These signs are so much fun to make! I love processed projects, its so fun to see how something starts off and then finishes looking so different!

Katie @ EyeSpyDIY said...

Great idea, they are super cute!

Sarah said...

I love this!! I don't have a cricut or silouette either and have been wanting to try some signs . . . thanks for the great suggestion of how to work it old school. :) Came here from embellishing life.

Jen said...

Love this! I would love to have you come and link up to Fantastic Friday at


Amanda said...

This is so cute, thanks for sharing

OCDesign said...

Jen- your blog is awsome, great ideas!!! Thanks for the invite I will definately link up this Friday!

Brooke Douglass said...

Those are sooo cute!!! I have been wanting to find some old barn wood for sooo long...maybe I will find some soon and I can do something like this! You did an awesome job! Brooke
I am your newest follower and hope that you will come be a follower at my blog!!! brooke
Girl Boy Girl Inspired

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

Those signs look great! I love the old barn wood look. :)

Ramiz Shaikh said...

Thanks for your post. I’ve been thinking about writing a very comparable post over the last couple of weeks, I’ll probably keep it short and sweet and link to this instead if thats cool. Thanks.
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