Monday, January 31, 2011

Tips & Ideas for a Well Decorated Home

It is no secret that I love to craft and I love to display in my house what I spend my time on, however with as much as I craf,t I am constantly having to circulate stuff through my house for 2 reasons....1. I am not a big fan of clutter. I love order and meaning and love to be surrounded by the things that say something to me. 2. I just craft way too much! If I kept it all up all the time my husband order me to stop crafting immediatley. GACK!
1. So what I do to keep a tidy yet well decorated house? Keep it simple! I keep most things in their orignial shape so that they can be used in a multitude of different places and I rarely buy something that only has one purpose.
Group items and layer items to maxamize the impact!

Fill vases with fruits and other natural items for an easy, simple
and clean look in your kitchen.

2. I use alot of glass vases and rub on decals. This way I can change out the decals for the seasons and rooms and the glass allows a varity of uses.
Quick and easy rub on decals really dress up some simple and cheap finds!

Simply glass vases double as bathroom storage solutions! And they are NO eyesore!

3. I keep my main colors neutral and add lots of accents. I love that I can change out the smaller stuff like window treatments and pillows and wall art. Our whole house is painted in a very neutral Sherman Williams Wheat color and this allows us to change in and out the other stuff. The only rooms that will be changing colors soon (hopefully) are the kids rooms, but probably nothing to drastic.
Blankets and pillows can be changed out seasonally or yearly for a pretty decent price!

 Shelves are great places for vigenetes! I love this toile fabric wreath!

4. Use lots of candles in every room. I love candles and I especially love lit candles on a rainy day. I don't know why but it makes me smile!

5. I love wall art and I am all for signs and pictures but my most favorite decoration of all is family pictures! To me there is no piece of art that can best suite my wall then the pictures of my kids and hubby smiling back at me. (although my hubby doesnt really smile he just kinda does the "man grin"...half smile and half "you have got to be kidding" smirk)
Incorporate your favorite pictures on a vignette for a more personal feel.

6. Use texture! The best way to do this is by using what is around you in nature. Combining wood, wool, leather, cedar, jute and a variety of other materials just screams comfort to me!
Peacock feather add some fun and funk to your decorating!

Yarn is another really fun texture to work with. Wrap letters or wreaths with it
or put it in a basket in your craft room for all to see!

Nothing makes me feel at home more than an old worn crate
stuffed with warm cozy blankets! The contrast in colors and textures
warms up a quickly!

7. Decorate in unexpected places and with unexpected things! Hang wreaths on interior doors or decal your doors. Number your chairs or put a flower arrangement in a metal can on your staircase. Decorate high and low! Draw your eye up by putting garland or ribbon on your dining room light fixture. Put a small footstool by a bookcase or in your kitchen. Decorating high and low and with unexpected items will draw the eye around your house.
I love to use things from my kids when decorating my home!
Old pairs of boots add character to any space!

Who says your kids jerseys have to go in the closet? Make them into a window treatment!

Don't forget your doors! Simple decorations for them goes a long way!

8. Dont be ashamed of your last name! Wear it proud and let everyone who comes in know it!
I love monogramning and all things monogrammed!
Martha Stewart Family Tree Knockoff Much cheeeeper and so fun to make!
9. Have fun with your house, there are no real codes anymore! If you don't want your furniture legs on your living room rug then who cares! Just as long as you love it.... that is all that matters!


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Some awesome tips Jen! I really like your finials! LOL...I know you didn't mention them but they look awesome with the glass jars. Did you make or purchase? You really do have awesome ideas! Peacock feathers....genius.

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