Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to be organized when you just cant say NO!

How many of you out there are YES people? I know I am and sometimes I kick myself in the butt for it! Right now on my plate I have a Valentines party I am planning for my son’s 4th grade class, which I can say this is not just an ordinary class party oh no this is a mini lesson on etiquette we are teaching! We are turning his class into an Italian Bistro complete with a wait staff and servers, menus and goblets of water…CRAZY!!! I also have copies I need to make for all the 4th grade as well as the quick reader books I copy for my other son’s 1st grade, then I have now offered myself up as team mom for Roberts (my youngest at a whopping 7 years old) select baseball team, for those of you who have had this glorious job you know all that it entails and for those who don’t, well ITS AWSOME its insane. Calling 12 different parents several times a week, collecting money, fundraising, ordering stuff, arranging stuff, spread sheeting stuff. Along with that we also have Chance (the oldest) who plays select baseball, so I am in like 15 different directions this time of year. I have said yes to organizing our church bible study and also heading up the youth group summer camp money collecting. And to throw in some super great fun work I found out yesterday that Chance has a mandatory Science Fair project he has to do which = mom has a Science Fair project she has to do! GREAAAAAAAAT! Can you feel the excitement??? I’ll tell you what I feel…. I feel like my heart is about to thump out of my chest because even with all that lets remember the title of the blog here. OCD! I have some serious OCD issues!!! But have no fear I will keep organized with all my files and folders and systems! And that leads me into todays topic…I bet you thought it was just a crazy mom posting nonsense…..oh no my friend there is depth here!!
How to stay organized when you just can’t say NO!
1.        Buy and USE folders. But not the ugly ones no one likes the be organized out of fashion. Get the really pretty ones with the damask pattern or the ones with polka dots and stripes. Be trendy in your organization it will make you feel better.
2.        Label your folders according to what you are doing. Example: I have 6 folders right now. Roberts School, Chances School, Chances baseball, Roberts baseball, Church bible study, and last but not least Youth Camp. For the sports folders I keep in the left side pocket a spreadsheet of all my deadlines, order forms, and on the right I keep a spreadsheet that has all my parent contact info, uniform sizes, important child info, and info for anything extra the parent has ordered and also any money owed. In that same pocket I keep an envelope that holds any money I am carrying for the team at that time.  For the school folder, in the left pocket I keep any deadline info and parent contact info, and on the right I keep all the info for the projects I am working on current on in front.  The church folders are much the same, contact info on the left and project info on the right and an envelope for any money collected.
3.        Invest in paperclips! I love em, and again the pretty ones not just the ugly silver ones. I paperclip projects together to keep related info attached. It makes it a lot easier to find what you need in a crunch.
4.        Spreadsheets, learn em and love em! I spreadsheet EVERYTHING! I would die without my spreadsheets!!! I am constantly writing on them, updating them and reprinting them. However don’t throw away your old spreadsheets….just paperclip them with the newest on top. It will never fail that you will need some old info at some point.
5.        Buy a calendar!!! This is quite possibly the most important I am realizing. I have never been without until now! I can’t find one I love and we all know if you’re gonna hang it up in your house you must love it. Mark it up and keep it somewhere you will actually look at. I don’t go as far as to use different colors for different kids I just grab whatever writing utensil I have. Its great to use your phone if you can but I have found there is nothing like a good ole fashioned calendar. Of course I don’t have an iphone either so….oh well!
And with all that you should find yourself organized enough to take on the world. Or a small part of it at least!!!

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