Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wire & Ribbon Monogram

I did this craft several years ago, so there are not beginning and middle photos, just THE END. But it is sooo easy I'm not really sure it needs a tutorial much less pictures. But oh well just in case you have seen it in any of my photos and thought to your self "self, I must make that but dont know how" you will!

Items Needed:
Ribbon - I used left over ribbon I had already
Wire Hanger - if your like me and hate them, they come few and far between but I happend to have one in hubby's side of the closet
A neck brace...just kidding although you will get a crick in your neck because it does take some time

1. Start by cutting the neck off your wire hanger and shaping it into the letter or shape that you want. Loop both sides of the wire so that the ribbon wont slide off.

2. Cut small 2" pieces of ribbon, or shirt, whatever material you want to use.

3. Tie the ribbon in knots onto the hanger, make sure you are fitting them snuggly on the wire so that it looks full.

4. Tie a ribbon to the top so that you can hang it on stuff.

Easy Peasy!!

I made one for my parents out of my boys old button up oxford shirts that they had bought them. They always buy them cloths for birthdays and so I thought what a nice sentimental gift! They loved it!


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