Wednesday, November 30, 2011

clean your house in an hour

Very few of us have the luxury of spending all day a few times a week scouring our house, and during this time of year even if you are those lucky few who get to stay home who wants to spend that much of your time during the holidays cleaning. No thank you. I would rather get my craft on or decorate my home or shop for presents not clean. But it a very necessary evil unless you live in a bubble. Even on our best day here when the kids are in school all day and then we rush off to some sporting practice I still have to run the swiffer to capture all the dog hair and settled dust.

I wish I could take credit for this bit of helpful information but I can not. And since I can not claim this as my own I am posting the link to the website.
The title of the article is "How to clean your house in less than an hour". It breaks down each room allocates time and then gives you steps. Very helpful and as a matter of fact today I am going to put it in play and see how well it stands up.

I know we all have our own routines but give this a try, you just may find it helps and hey more time to craft?? Say it aint so!

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