our home

Our home like so many others is a place of comfort and relaxation. It is our safe haven for our boys, place where we can hang out, have fun and be ourselves. What makes it so comfortable is that, though it is an average size house for the average American family, every detail of it is our design. After our house flooded last year we were able to design the whole thing and get a major reno at the cost of the insurance company! Every floor board, baseboard, tile and cabinet was designed by myself and my husband and that makes it amazing to come home to. Yes, there are things we are always changing, furniture placement, paint colors and on and on, however we I am thoroughly enjoying the creative process it takes to turn a house into a home. I love decorating with things I find outside and thrifty items I hunted down, I love the old ugly afgan my grandmother knitted me 20+ years ago that keeps us so warm in the winter, the old farmers crates that hold my pillows and magazines. I love the farmers table in my dining room that screams gather around me and fellowship. And I also love that every nook and cranny is organized, everything has a home in my home and that makes my life easier. Now don’t get me wrong, yes of coarse my house gets messy! I live with 2 boys and a man 3 boys, of coarse theres mess and dirt, lots and lots of dirt! My laundry builds and piles in my laundry room and at times I find pee on the upstairs toilet and toothpaste in the sink, but all that is a quick fix. Nothing a little squirt of Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner can’t handle! But all in all my motto sticks quite firm in this home…A place for everything and everything in it’s place!

Yum our big fluffy bed! I am a pillow maniac

Does anyone else that an ugly floor fan poined
backward for white noise? I HATE IT

I LURV peacock feathers, they are blessings!

So nice how it all opens up, but yet the kitchen is still
completely closed off to any thing else. Not a fan of open concept.

And again with the peacock feathers, they are just so fun!

A sneak peek into my favorite room in the house....
THE FORMAL DINING! Small, cozy and welcoming!

I found the fabric at Wal Mart for $10 a yard, a bit of a splurge but it really
makes the room. (My camera sucks)

We are driven by our faith in the Lord and he is who provided this home
for us to do his work in. I love to be reminded of that everytime I walk in.
And when you come in the front door this is one of the first room you see.
The table is farm style from real oak and has lots of cool details.

My camera sucks so it doesnt do justice how warm and cozy the table
setting makes the room feel, but it does! I love the giant pinecones, some of them are 14" tall.
I love bringing outdoors in and seeing nature all around me.

And the place we gather most! Our family room. It's not huge so it all gets used!
The dark woods and natural fibers we have in our home and me feel like I'm
wrapped up in a warm cozy blanket all the time. (I hate the recliner...again win some, loose some....)

I dont really love the rug either, but oh well. It works for now. And I just havent found
one I do love yet for a price I love.

And this is where I spend my evenings. I swear if you dont have leather, get it!
It is the best investment we ever made!

I think the aliens are invading! We have amazing wood blinds but you can see them in ANY
picture. Oh well they are there. The cedar mantle is one of my favorite things about this room
it just makes it look so...masculine??? And the old wood crate. LURVE that too! Its super old
and is just so cool unpainted and in its original state. And again big giant pinecones on my mantle.

A view from atop the stairs. When people see our room online they always ask,
"why not move the furniture in close, it looks crammed in a corner." Not so. Its just a big akward square
it is the hardest thing about the space but it works. Eventually some kind of chairs will sit along side the fireplace
just havent found those either.....

I love how it all fits for our family and thats what matters!

I hope you enjoyed and if you have any question please contact me, I love to share!



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