Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Often Do You Clean...under the oven

I can't believe it is Thursday already!
Time is flyyyying by at an insanely fast speed!!
Holly over at 504 Main got me thinking that the school year is almost over! I know so many of y'all still have little ones home but both mine are in school so every June 6th the boys and I get a major life upheaval when we have to get to hang out together ALL DAY. The one thing I love most about summer is for 12 weeks I have minions to do some of my dirty work for me wonderul children to do my pleasant housework with me. However places like under the oven are highly unlikely to be cleaned by my kids, so today I am doing it myself.
Sorry no pictures of my food crusted space, my camera battery died on meso you will just have to take my word on how funkdfied it is under there! I am sure you can imagine what this space looks like, dust and dirt and crumbs and the occasional dog chew or dead bug.
 I used to find toys and those wonderful fridge magnets but not anymore, not any more. WOO HOO! But  can someone please tell me how so much dust and dirt get under there! I get the dryer and even the washer but how does dust and dirt accumuliate under my oven??
The oven is one of those spaces we neglect often, we clean the top and outside and even inside a few times a year, but under...not to much. I am telling you, pull out your drawer, empty it clean it out and then go to work on the floor under it, you will be surprised and grossed out and will never forget about it again!

So tell me please, how often do you clean under your oven?
And how does it get do darn funkdfied under there???


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