Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Often Do You Clean It Series Thoughts

I have to admit, I don't always run this blog with lots of thought, I usually just post what I am doing or have recently done and off I go. However, I am desperately trying to make this a place where you can come and seek some good sound advice on how to live the OCD life. And no, not OCD obsessive compulsive but OCD Organized and Clean Design. I think so much that when we get our lives to that place (it's different for us all) we will find contentment. Please don't get me wrong, my contentment in life doesn't come from having a clean and organized house but it does play a role in it. If you have everything in it's place you are maximizing the time you have to do other things for your soul, like read your bible and study God's word (which should be the first thing we ALL do with our free time), you have time to craft, enjoy the beauty, ENJOY YOUR KIDS, reflect on your life and God's direction for it. Or like me, I cram all my free time with volunteer work because it makes my soul feel good (and study God's word). 
There really seems to be something to my head at least.
So when I started the weekly posts on How Often Do You Clean It, it was sort of my journey to give you and me a reminder about the little and big things we often forget about cleaning that need our TLC too.When I am cleaning these forgotten items I think about how often I forget the stuff I cram deep inside and I like to use that time to ask God to revel to me what I have forgotten about and bring it to the top so I can give it some TLC too.
Originally I thought this series would be fun to do for a few weeks and then move on, but as I look around at my beautifully organized and clean house I am noticing things that are neglected all the time week after week, I quickly decided this is going to turn into a series to run for who knows how long. I ask that you join me every Thursday to see how often I clean it and take this journey with me! Dig deep, reflect and know that everything we do is not with out purpose, even cleaning the back of your dryer! I am posting a button on the side bar that will link you to this page as the main page and from here you can get to any week of the
How Often Do You Clean It Series. I hope you enjoy! And please feedback is always welcome, I can always use tips and tricks so post em!


Holly said...

I think this is a fun idea...and a great reminder of some of that cleaning that we all forget about! We use the toaster a lot so that gets cleaned every other day.

The back of the washer dryer... once a month (or more).

And no ceiling fans here!

Holly said...

Oops..forgot to mention I will be featuring this idea on tickled pink tomorrow! And I am a new follower.

MommaHen said...

I. love. this. Hopefully it will inspire me to clean!!

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