Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring has Sprung in my house!

It is no secret around these parts that Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, people are doing yard work, and I even shopped my first garage sale Friday (check out my finds here). All this green and beauty has bit me and I have been moving stuff around, freshening up for the new season.
Check out some of the changes I have made!

Changed my candle out for my pretty sphere.
Who says candle holders are only for candles?

Added some fresh blooming stems from my Spirea bush to my bedroom and living room.

My naked table. (click here to see the previous look)
Traded out the runners for a clean and classic look.

Planted some Sweet Alyssum Flowers in pots for my kitchen, great for indoor growing!
 Gives a boost of color and sweet scent for the kitchen!

I hope that brings a smile to your face the way it does mine! 



≼mE aNd mY tℎrIfTy IdEaS≽ said...

I lOvE lilies! Your table looks gorgeous Jen! Sometimes less is more :)

Abraj Dubai said...

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