Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Often Do You Clean...The Ceiling Fans

Happy Thursday once again ladies! And since it's Thursday you know what that means right...???
It's time for another
I have to say I am loving this series! I am having so much fun snuffing out the dirt from my house. At the same time I am surprised that for as clean as I am there is still so much that accumulates. I suppose if I made the boys wear bubbles and never let them out then I could get it under series control, but LIKE THAT IS EVER GONNA HAPPEN! We are to active of a family to live that way, so until the time comes that it's just me and the hubs I am rejoicing in the dirt because it means we are doing something right raising our kids. Not meaning that they are slobs who force their mom to clean their messes, but that they are BOYS very dirty busy boys and as a family we are having fun with it.
I warned you that this trip wasn't just about cleaning obsessively but also about reflection as we use these things to also dig into our own lives and examine. So yes call me crazy call me what you want, as I was cleaning the fans yesterday I was doing it with a happy heart because of the family and life my husband and I have created.

This is what my fans looked like after a sad 1 month!

Gross I know!

Because we live in Texas we usually keep our fans spinning year round to circulate the air when the AC is not running and to move the heat when the heater is running. So it's not often I get a look at them, but in the event they are off I like them to be clean! I can always tell when the living room fan is dirty even when it's going on high, it looks dingy spinning around up there. So once a month I make it a point to clean them, and by them I mean all 5 fans. We have 4 ceiling fans and 1 white floor fan in our bedroom (for white noise not that we really need it). I timed myself yesterday and it took me all of 15 minutes to clean the fans. Not long right!
I get a damp rag, a ladder

My dog would not cooperate!

or step stool, or desk chair or I just stand on the bed, whatever gets me there.
Then I go to town.

When it comes to the floor fan, that is the easiest! I take it all apart and clean it in the bathtub.

15 minutes to clean fans. I feel like the air in my house is cleaner after I have cleaned my fans.

So how often do you clean your fans? Once and month? Once a year? Never because who cares really?
Do you have any special tricks?



Colleen said...

Not nearly enough : )
I have to do a bit of this myself.

≼mE aNd mY tâ„ŽrIfTy IdEaS≽ said...

I constantly do this! I use them a lot so I don't want dust flying around. I really clean clean them about once every couple months. Other than that I use my dust brush every other day :)

Anonymous said...
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Sabrina said...

I clean it once a month or every few weeks . It depends.

Anonymous said...

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Nolan Robert said...

So simple!!!! I would not have thought of this…..SOOOOO glad you shared!

jerome figueroa said...

Cleaning a ceiling fan can be a tedious task especially when you think about climbing up the ladder to be able to reach it. Most of us may choose to ignore the dust and dirt collected on the blades of the fan until it is way too disgusting to be left aside. Cleaning your fan need be a difficult feat. You just need to follow a simple 3 step plan to make the job easy and less troublesome.

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John said...

An old pillowcase works great too! It keeps all the dust inside the pillowcase and then you can shake it outside when you’re done!

Anonymous said...

Now that I use a cpap machine, I changed our a/c air filter to a better one than the apt. complex gives and finally cleaned the ceiling fan after months and months. I was doing it the hard way for years. I saw the pillow case tip and I'm more likely to do it more often.

Ramone said...

I don't have ceiling fans.. But my plug-in style fans I clean about once a year. Usually after about a year, they tend to not blow any air around anymore... That is probably why I have this terrible choking feeling all the time from breathing in all the dust that is blowing at me at night... How long should you clean your plug-in fans?

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