Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Swap Fun

Good Tuesday friends!
I hope that you are so ready for today, I know I am! I have met the most fab friend through this blogging thing and today she is over to share her totally thrifty ideas (check out the barn star...AWSOME!)
 She is such an inspiration when I am walking the isles of Marshalls...why buy when I can make! And she is so helpful to boot, my totally chic button ~ all Amy! So stay a bit, enjoy what she's got for you and then when your done hop on over to her blog, pay me a visit (I am bloggin on her awsom blog) and see what else she has!
Hello all you fabulous readers @ OCD! 
My name is Amy from
& I am so excited to be here today showing all of you some of my projects.  I have to first say that all of you must have some pretty awesome taste to already be a reader of Jen's so I know we will agree on the fact that she is so talented/creative/awesome!  I love all her organization skills and her weekly "How Often Do You Clean It?" party definitely has me evaluating my own routines.  
My own personal philosophy on creating/crafting/organizing is to use what I got.  Whether that means taking an old broken lamp and turning into a candle holder or using cereal boxes to make storage, I am all for it!  I have to remind myself sometimes that it may not be worth all the hassle trying to make something rather than buying it but I usually end up loving whatever personalized creation I end up with.  
Some of my projects are:
   DIY Twine Decor Balls

DIY Barn Star

Luck Blocks

Paint Chip Love

I have also recently added a new page for some cute buttons I have designed that you can add to your sidebar for a little extra style :)

Thanks you so much Jen for having me over and I hope all of you stop by, say hello and stay awhile!
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Christina @ The Tattered Tag said...

Amy always has such wonderful ideas!! I am so glad she did a blog swap with you. What a great organization blog & just in time for Spring Cleaning!! Happy to be a new follower.

Drop by The Tattered Tag

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