Thursday, March 17, 2011

How Often Do You Clean...Light Bulbs

Welcome to week 4 of the How Often Do You Clean It...Series! I am so glad that you have joined me on this journey to clean up and clean out the neglected spots of your home.
I am having so much fun...yes fun...exploring areas of my house to find dirt.
I never thought I would actually seek out dirt....but it is definitely making me more aware of how dirty our house gets even when we keep it UBER clean.
I wish I could claim this one as my own, but I cant...yesterday I was reading House Beautiful online and found the artice 13 Spring Cleaning Tips, which are all very helpful, the last tip went off like a light bulb in my head...
Tip 13: Clean your light bulbs!
 I can honestly say I suppose I have wiped a light bulb or two down before when dusting the fan or lamp but I have never actually taken the time to really clean the light bulbs. And why not?
Don't you love the look of a new bright and shiny light bulb in your fixture as much as I do???
Then why not clean them periodically??? 
After reading this I went to check out my light oh man I am surprised the fuzz didn't set fire.
Not only is this a health hazard and a home hazard this is a violation of the too much fuzz rule! 
So this week get a damp rag and go to town, take out the bulbs, wipe them down and enjoy the cathartic effect it has on you!

So now as I do every week, I must ask...How Often Do You Clean...the light bulbs?
Seriously, as often as me? (NEVER)
After you cleaned them were you totally amazed at how light and bright they were again!?



Suzanne said...

Ick, I have in the past...I guess I needed this reminded seeing as spring cleaning is abound! :)

≼mE aNd mY tâ„ŽrIfTy IdEaS≽ said...

Oh my Gosh, try never. You always keep me on my toes Jen!

queenbee1994 said...

Wow, never have I cleaned my light bulbs I usually just wait until they die out and replace. Guess I need to get busy. By the way thanks for stopping by my blog I love making new blog friends. I am a new follower.

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