Monday, March 7, 2011

Wake up face and a mom

We all have different ways that we get up and get ready, some of us lounge around in our PJ's all day because why get dressed just to clean and craft and chase snotty 2 year old around....and some of us get up get dressed and apply a full face of makeup to do the same things.
To each their own, just like with everything else in life (your house, your blog, your habits) it's all about what makes you happy and comfy and ready to tackle the world. I will be the first to admit that I am right in between the two. I get up and fix my hair and apply a small amount of makeup (just enough to wake up my face) and then depending on what my tasks at hand are for the day I dress accordingly. If I am going to be out all day I get ready to be out, if I am doing all the house stuff (sorry no darling 2 year olds in this house anymore just the excitement of laundry, cleaning and lawn care) then I throw on a pair of knit shorts or sweatpants and a shirt or tank top.
I have undergone so many changes in the last 11 years of my marriage and motherhood, I went from being a fashion idiot to a fashionista, from short tomboy hair to long girly locks, from hating makeup and clogged pores to Mac only. I have to admit it was hard to trade work, designer cloths and my beloved 6 inch heels for jeans, flip flops and pony tails, but ask me if I regret it and my answer every time is HECK NO! I get the most awesome opportunity to care for my family in a way that not every wife and mother gets. I get to be the first face my kids see in the morning and the last they see when they fall asleep. There are so many perks to staying at home and one of the best is the time you spend on your self becomes far less which to me is so gratifying!
I don't pick out my cloths the night before to ensure I dress in a timely fashion, I simply fill my closet with things I love and that look good on my body type. I am not a very trendy dresser, I do what I like and dress how I like. If I see something trendy that would be a good fit for me then I may splurge a bit, but usually I am a jeans and flip flop girl. I also don't spend a ton of time on my make up. The only time I really take my time and apply a full face is on Sunday for church and when the hubs and I are going on a date. Other than that my face routine is very simple and fast. Over the years I have read lots of articles about how to get a fresh face, the summer look, quick easy tips and I have taken the best of these and use them daily to get my fast fresh face.
So after all that rambling here is the reason for my post! My tips to a quick fresh face. 
Tip 1. Invest in some good core products. I don't spend a lot on makeup any more but one item I wont live with out is Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Primer. Read here for my rant on the greatness of this product.

Tip 2. Give a good eyebrow pluck once a week.

Tip 3. Find a blush you love and that looks good!

Tip 4. Concealer and powder is a must have! I don't always use foundation but I use concealer and powder EVERY DAY!

Tip 5. Mascara, Mascara, Mascara! Once you find one you love there is no sense in changing. I have used Alamay mascara for 7 years, I have tried to switch but always come back.
Once you find the one you love never leave.

Tip 6. For fresh eyes use a light eyeshadow in the corners of your eyes with a brown eyeshadow on the lids only.

Tip 7. After applying mascara, close your eyes and give a quick coat at an angle to the outer lashes.

Those are a few key things so remember, now what do you do with it??
Apply Instant Age Rewind Primer, apply concealer to under eyes and to any discoloration or blemishes, gently blend with ring fingers! Your ring finger is the weakest so use it when blending it will pull less on your face which = fewer wrinkles over time. Give a light application of powder to face and neck.

Eyes & Brows:
I apply a light pinkish white eyeshadow to the corner of my eyes and blend lightly, this wakes up your eyes. Do one and then look in the mirror, huge difference! I also apply the same color to the arch of my brow and blend. This is all eye makeup I usually wear. Then apply your mascara, I apply two coats let dry then close my eye and apply one more coat to the outer corner at an angle, it kicks my eyelashes out a bit.
Brush brows and apply brow pencil to fill in any gaps and round brows out.
We often over look the impact great brows can make, they can make or break your face!
Brush again after the pencil to blend.

I apply an apricot color most year round, I love it! The color works well with my skin color no matter the season. I start by making the stupid wont do in front of any other human half fish half smile face and apply in a sweeping motion from the apple of my cheek and following the cheek bone. This is different for everyone, no one face is the same, go with your face shape and cheek bone! Then I also skim down the edge of my face and along my jaw line once or twice just to add a small hint of color.
The idea is not to look like a clown but fresh.

This is the hard one ladies! The really time consuming part....lip gloss. I apply a dab in the middle of my lower lip and again using my ring finger blend along the bottom lip and then the top. The trick here is to make the middle of your bottom lip more shiny. Doing this does awesome things to the way your lips look, I guess fuller is probably the word.
And sometimes when I am feeling ultra lazy I just use chap stick to gloss them a bit.

All in all this takes me about 5 minutes. Not hard but yet as I love so much a big impact!

What do you do? What is your morning routine, or face product you cant live without? Got any tips and tricks for me try???


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