Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lovely Spaces I Love

While perusing House Beautiful online this morning I found some to die for spaces!
I really love this kitchen! I think it's the backsplash that draws me in.
So many unique things in this room!

This kitchen is so light and bright but yet has dark wood features too!
I am seriously thinking of getting putting a pair of those fruit trees in my kitchen!

The only thing I like about this room is the bright greens and yellows. 
I always use apples and pears in my kitchen but I think I am trading them out for lemons and limes.

The dark sophistacation of this room is stunning!
I can see my family lounging here!

I love the chairs in this picture!
We have been looking for something similar to them for our living room.
To bad our living room isnt big enough for the buffet table too. What a great set up!


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Colleen said...

I get this magazine too but haven't read it yet. I love pictures 2 and the last one. Beautiful spaces!

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