Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pee on the FLOOR! REALLY???

I am not sure what happened between 10pm last night and 7am this seems we have a bandit of some type that likes to pee on floors!...
All I know is last night when I went to kiss the boys goodnight their bathroom clean and pee free and this morning when Robert went to brush his teeth he stepped in pee, yes stepped in it, because it was on the bathroom floor.
He blames the dog which I can understand, she has been known to pee on the floor... in small amounts...downstairs by the door... if we are ignoring her... however she has not to my knowledge ever peed upstairs on the bathroom floor.
 So my next assumption is one of my kids. And of coarse they both said "I didn't do it",
why wouldn't they say this, they don't remember doing such a thing. And to be honest I don't think that one of them actually dropped drawers and openly and knowingly peed on the bathroom floor. The whole thing is puzzling to me. It was a lot of pee, but it was no where near the toilet, actually it was half on the rug and half on the tile by the sink. I am truly puzzled as to who did this and how or why.
 Do I have a peeing sleep walker in my house, a disobedient dog, or some kind of crazy pee bandit.

Someone please ease my mind and tell me their kids have done something as crazy as this before!....



Colleen said...

oh boy!!
Mine haven't (yet!!!)

Anonymous said...

Haha, I only laugh because I have 4 boys and yes, this seems to be a nightly occurance. I think they aren't awake completely and don't aim well.

Brook Holden said...

My youngest boy (6 yrs old) is a sleep walker. And I mean he will literally half asleep get up and run around the house. There is no talking him back to bed since he's not aware of him being out of bed. I have caught him in the kitchen about to pee in the trash can. I think he believed he was in the bathroom. His daddy caught him just in time and help him to the bathroom, where yes he had to help him to make sure his pants were down...LOL!!! So Yes I know exactly how you feel.

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