Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Makeup Review: 3 in 1 concelear

I am always on the search for makeup that makes applying easier, is less time consuming and gives me the ultimate impact.
 This product is not necessarily less time consuming, but it is easier and gives great impact. There is a product line called Physicians Formula. You can get it pretty much any where and compared to Almay or Maybelline it is EXPENSIVE. I tried it years ago when it first hit the stores and was not too impressed, and since then I have noticed the prices going up and that they brought out a line of all mineral products. Some say mineral is the way to go...I say makeup is makeup who cares. But after my experience with this new product I am thinking of hopping on the mineral band wagon! What is this product you are asking...
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear 3 in 1 concealer!
This stuff is so cool! You get three bottles, one is yellow and is for the dark under eye circles, the other is your normal concealer for blemishes and dark spots, then and the MOST AWESOME is a pink highlighter for your brow bone, cheeks, nose line, any where you want highlighted. I have started using it in place a eyeshadow in the corner of my eye. I love this stuff! Like i said it doesn't really make application faster because now you have a few extra steps but the bottles all snap together so they are easy to find amongst your makeup and they all have their own applicators.
The best part...this stuff really works! You can noticibly see a change in the highlighted areas and the concelear coverage is awesome! And to meet the needs of everyone they have another color scheme you can buy replacing the yellow for green to cover your redness. How cool is that!? And all this for just $9 at Wal Mart. Cant beat it so you may as well join it, your face will be thanking you!


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Allison Nicole said...

i might have to give that a try! :)

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