Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Warriors

I love this time of year, the grass is turning green again, birds are singing and the weather is warm enough to get out. However, there is something about the Spring light that leads you to all sorts of DIY projects. This weekend was no different,the weather was AMAZING so we took advantage as got out and did some DIY projects. OK...I lied....I took pictures and held a rope and ran errands while my husband did the DIY projects.

As usual before we go to bed Friday night my husband and I have a conversation that goes something like this:
Me: So....what are your plans for tomorrow?
Hubs: Busy
Me: With what?
Hubs: Work
Me: Like work work or house work?
Hubs: (silence)
Me: Like work work or house work?
Hubs: House work
Me: Ohhhh...what?
Hubs: (quickly runs though a list of house work/projects)

So once I have established what our Saturday looks like I am good and I go to bed. I am really just wanting to know what he needs my help with or if can I lounge because even though I am a stay at home mom, lounging is few and far between. He never tells me he needs my help so I sleep in, (8:30am people, not like I'm sleeping till noon) and by the time I wake up he is already tinkering around. So once I get up and going the real fun begins. Do you remember the night before conversation?...the one where I got the run down of work he was doing....this now becomes work we are doing. But this weekend was pretty easy, most of it was honestly guy stuff.

After mixing some concrete...

We had some chips on the edges of our foundation so he patched those....

Then because our fireplace was all cracked and broken on the top causing it to leak every time it rained he got up and fixed that.

( I would have climbed up there and taken a picture but it is really high up and I am not so sure he would hold the rope just so I could climb up to take a picture.)

Then out of sheer excitement he cut the pipes off his loud truck making it EVEN LOUDER! And putting a big smile on his face. (and mine too I will admit) I don't have a picture of this. I had no idea he was going to do it, I kept hearing a loud noise that sounded like sawing...I know as soon as I heard it I should have grabbed my camera but I just wento to look and by then he was done.

He also fixed the light in the kitchen.

You know the funny thing about working is what ever your profession is you don't want to do it anymore when you come home. Your tired of looking at a computer or answering the phone or dealing with sick people or in my husbands case as an electrician...fixing lights.

So our kitchen light has been out for a week and he fixed it this weekend! Now I can see!!!

He also sent me to get seed so that we can over seed our yard again. We are striving for the best yard in our neighborhood and this year WE WILL WIN! I didn't actually put the seed down though because I still need to mow again before I seed.

(Please ignore all the other junk in my van. 2 boys in baseball need I say more... )
And no your eyes did not deceive you, I mow. I do all the yard work actually. After I started staying home a few years ago I thought it wasn't really fair that hubs was working and coming home to do the yard work so I started doing it. I have to admit sometimes I really love it and sometimes I really hate it. In the end though when our yard looks great I take great pride in the fact that I did that, it just show like God always teaches us we reap what we sew. If we sew good we reap good. Plus it keeps me in shape 6 months out of the year.

At one point I looked inside to see what Robert and his friend were doing at 11am...

What did you do this weekend? Any house projects your waiting to work on???


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