Monday, February 7, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets of a Mom

Real Moms Real Laughs

I am linking up today to this new party called Real Moms Real Laughs! It is a new idea out there that as moms we need to break down the barriers and be real. We spend so much time blogging about our house and crafts and how to organize that it's easy to make others think you have this perfectly amazing life and nothing ever goes wrong. But LET'S BE REAL! Things to go wrong, so today in light of the new linky party I am spilling the beans on my 5 ooops when it comes to my kids. I hope that this reminds you that life is not perfect ANYWHERE for ANYONE!

ooops #1: My oldest son Chance talks...alot, he takes after me, (but I dont think I am as annoying as him) he talks about random things that he has already talked about or things that I just don't care anything about, but I realize the need for him to talk I just sometimes stink at filling his need to also be listened to. I have to admit when he starts talking I usually tune out. Sometimes he catches me with a question and I have to give a really generic answer because I have NO IDEA what he is asking. I try to listen but I don't always suceed.

ooops #2: I make them clean their rooms and make their beds and then when they go to school I do it again for them. They just suck at chores! And I have a certain way I like it done, I am a bit OCD like that. I want their bed to look a certain way and their closets to be clean and their cloths to be neat and orgainized in their dressers so when they go to school, I do it all again. The biggest problem this causes is that I am trying to teach them responsiblity so I enforce their chores, and there have been times they have been in a rush to get to school becuase of the chores and then I just go and redo it.

ooops #3: This is kinda gross, but if you have boys kids I am sure it has happened to you....they rarely flush the toilet. I don't know why but more often than not when I venture onto their floor and go into their bathroom there is something in the toilet. I get so mad sometimes I yell and I have even spanked. Well for the first time EVER, right after I yelled at them both for not flushing, I was caught not flushing by my husband who so obnoxiously announced to them MOMMY FORGOT TO FLUSH! Then I lied and said I did but the toilet must have not gone down all the way so avoid embarrasment.

ooops #4: My follow through for discipline is HORRIBLE! I talk a big talk but my walk is so small. And I have even talked my husband out of punishment for them because I felt bad and didn't want them to be in trouble. (No wonder they don't flush! I will do it for them and they wont get in trouble.)

ooops #5: When I am busy and they ask for something I say "ok in a minute" except usually that minute winds up being like an hour all because I just don't want to do it right then. I feel bad. I know they are thirsty or hungry but can't they see I'm blogging!

Ok friends, so now that all my dirty little secrets are out what are yours???



Bella said...

Hey Jen,,, this is great,,, the toilet flushing,,, lol,,, yeah thats a constant battle in my home,, and the funny thing is, I'm kinda weird, but if they go pee, especially at night, I always tell them it's ok not to flush,,, no need to waste water. BUT,,, heck yeah, when they go drop a big one in there, and you know, its smelly too,,, I get mad.

I also do the in a minute thing,,, and my kids laugh at me taking my macbook in the bathroom with me, but sometimes, it's the only place I can get some quiet time, lol.

It's so hard not to go over their chores, when we want it done a certain way!!! I don't know what's os difficult to just put all the clothes on the hanger in teh same direction, and color code them in the closet,,, don't kids get it???

I enjoyed reading about you, and I am your newest follower. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you come link up many more funny stories, and even pictures. I know you must have several more girl!!!


Bella :)

amy@flexibledreams said...

Thanks for linking up! I'm sitting here cracking up while reading your "oops" moments... and my son asked me a question and I said, "In a minute." And then he threw a toy and I didn't put him in time out. All while reading THIS POST.

Oy. Thanks for being real. Your first paragraph reads like you were looking in my heart.

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