Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ready for Spring

We are getting spoiled here in North Texas this week! The weather has been amazing! It is total open the window weather, where it is a sin to stay in doors. And from what our newcasters are saying it is here to stay. Although, until spring break passes you never really know what it's gonna do again.

I do know one thing for sure...I have a serious case of SPRING FEVER! I all started with the endless amounts of snow and ice we got a few weeks ago and my vision to change my kitchen table to a more light and bright and fun table. I am so ready to get some new throw pillows and blankets for the couch, trade out my collection of pinecones on the mantel for something green and start bringing in the flowers. I love flowers on tables and I the perfect vision for my formal table too! A row of 3 galvenized buckets filled with of some kind of flower sitting on top of a burlap runner and maybe some moss balls or something else fun for added texture. Either way I am ready to say bu buy to the drap and dark and hello to the light and bright!

Here's some fun inspriation for you! If this doesn't get you ready then you must be dead!

(House Beautiful)
I love the patten and wood and texture of this piece!

(House Beautiful)
Even though there is alot of dark, like in my house,
it is balanced so well with the light & bright!

(Better Homes & Garden)
Painted light thinges, I konw they have a real name but I can't remember it.
Either way I am doing it! How Easy!!

(Better Homes & Garden)
This is entirely to much color for me but fits in with my

(Better Homes & Garden)

Yellow is so fun!
I love this tray with a simple cup of lemons!

(Better Homes & Garden)

I just LUUURRRVE this so much!

(Better Homes & Garden)
How about this for a centerpiece, and talk about cheap and easy!
I already have the pedastel bowl too!

So now that you saw what is jazzing me up so much I hope you feel the same way! So, get out and enjoy the day and bring in something pretty to set the mood for spring!


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Colleen said...

I am so jealous. we have mounds and mounds of snow here! It will be April before we see the ground!

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