Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Monday what a Fun Day!

Hallelujah! My kids are going back to school today! I don't think that I can contain the excitement I am feeling right now! I have to admit, being stuck in the house for a solid week with the family when it's to cold to even go play in the snow that was holding us captive got old....really really old! But
Hubby and I were talking before bed last night about how hard it would be to get up at 5:45am and get back in the routine, instead was like when you were a kid and your parents sent you to bed on Christmas Eve and you just laid there waiting for the time to pass wondering how much longer you had to "sleep" before you could open your presents. When the alarm when off this morning we both jumped out of bed and hit the floor running! Instead of opening presents, I made lunches with the a pep in my step and a smile on my face!
So now my day will be full of cleaning and ironing and reorganizing. Over the last week I had all but given up on the idea of a clean house, every time I went to clean one of my kids would dirty it up again so after a few days I just figured, "what the heck, my house will just be messy" Although I have to admit, as the title of the blog Friday I started to get a little anxious that I could have all my stuff nice and neat like I like it and am sooo used to. It's one thing during assigned school breaks because usually we can still LEAVE our house and I am prepared for the mess and already have a game plan, but this snow totally threw me. I just had to ENJOY MY KIDS AND HUBBY....what a concept!
All this longing for a clean house made these pictures all the more inspirational this morning when I was doing my usual scower of every bloggers daily check point.
(all picts are courtsey of

Isnt is soooo purdy! I absolutely love this room, I think it's the ottomans,
they are such a fun and unexpected burst of pattern.

And this ottoman/seating too! I love everything about this room! It's so
light and airy yet not overdone. The bookself really has me inspired!

And this room is sooo simple! I'm not sure why I like it other than
the simplicity it has.

And the light fixture in this kitchen...WOW! Not extravagent,
not strange or unusal, just really cool! I love a table that is set to be used
without having all the dishes out. I have to admit I am not a big place setting on my table kinda gal, I love simplicity, I dont want to have to drag a bunch of dishes and pretty STUFF off my table just so I can eat. I love design and sometimes like fashion it's painful but overdone I just am not. And this picture to me is so NOT overdone I love it! the moment my house looks nothing near any of that. My kitchen sinks are full, blankets and pillows are scatterd all over my living room, hubby's electric razor is sitting on the bathroom counter (pet peeve, put it away!!!) my bed is not made yet and there are dirty cloths on the floor of my bedroom.
In just a few short minutes I will be taking my kids to school and hopefully my house will look more like the above and less like it does right now.


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