Friday, February 25, 2011

The beauty in photography

I am not lacking for any hobbies at this stage in my life and I am fortunate enough to be able to take time to do them. Aside from decorating and crafting I also love photography. I enjoy capturing the moments in life that make it worth living. And to me these moments are not just when my kids are doing something amazing or rare or looking handsome as can be, these are also the things that I find in my backyard or in my town that say "beauty", when God gives me a glimps of what heaven might be like. So here are some things that I had the opportunity to photograph this week, some are from my own backyard and some are from the park down the street, and there are even a few showing you the crazy but awsome moments I get to have as a mom. I hope you enjoy!

I am not sure what this is, but I love it! It blooms every February until May.
This is the first sign for us Spring is right around the corner.

This tempature gage was here when we moved in and we never took it down.
I always thought it was ugly, then my son shot off the plastic cover with his bb gun
and I noticed how pretty it really is.

There is just something about it, maybe because it's naturally aged and weathered.
It has grown on me.

Less than a mile away this is what we get to enjoy!

And of coarse the most beautiful thing is the world!
My oldest son!!!
(Yes we live in Texas and yes he is a Colts fan)

Right now select baseball consumes our life, both boys play
so this is where we spend most evenings and weekends.

Nothing eye catching a beautiful about this, just my youngest
being the monkey that he is!
I really love that we chose to push down his socks as a throw back to the 80's...

I hope that for a few minutes you got a chance to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.


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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, and you are making my spring fever even worse! Wish it were that warm here, ha! :-)

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