Thursday, February 3, 2011

In My Dreams Redo

Last June we purchased what we thought was going to be our dream table from JCP, it is a large round pedi table, very farm/rustic looking which goes with the rest of our house, we loved it so much.....
after just a few months the laquer finish has started to fade leaving REALLY ugly splotches in the finish, and then one day my 7 years old was drawing and pushed his pencil a little to hard onto his paper and now we have "UT GO Longhorns" written on our table,
 we were upset yes but worse has happened so we got over it, then...
 during on of my bunko parties ALL the ladies pushed their pencils into the paper a little to hard leaving tally marks at every spot they sat.
 This is a bit more disturbing.
I am trying to convince myself it shows life and fun, no biggie, but everytime I lift my placemats now I cringe. And I dont really like placemats, I'm a bare table kinda gal. I love the simple centerpiece, howe ver now I am really loving a fully set table!
 Apparently laquer finish SUCKS! I'm not to sure about refinished the top yet, just not that confident so I am constantly finding ways to make our everyday used kitchen table pretty but still usable and not a total pain. So far placemats are working, but I am falling out of love with my placemats quickly and am falling in love with the look of burlap!
I first saw it over the holidays in Pottery Barn as a table runner....but the price tag of $40 was a huge NO! I have been toying with the idea of making my own burlap runner which I can do for pretty cheap...but something has been stopping me...AND NOW I KNOW WHY!
It seriously hit me so hard last night I woke up out of a dead sleep, got up and just looked at my table envisioning what I want and HAVE TO HAVE!

So here it is: I am going to make two burlap runners to cross over each other so that each table setting is covered. I am then going to paint on numbers 1-4 at each place setting and a monogrammed C in the middle. This allows so much! I can leave it plain and simple no need for more accessories, but it gets better, I am not going to leave it plain and simple. 
I have had my eye on this little piece of candy, pottery barn italian white pitcher, and am going to get one of my own, well a look alike that is, which I have spied several times recently at Marshalls..... and put it in the center with a dozen pale green hygengras, then I am going to get chargers and spray paint them with chalkboard paint and write the numbers 1-4 on those. I think those simple changes will make me soooo happy! Everytime I walk by my table now I see it....Can wait to post the redo!!!
If you have any ideas for my dilema please share!!!


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Jamie said...

I can't wait to see the finished product. Oh, and this post makes me feel really guilty about playing Bunko at your house! Sorry we ruined your table, Jen. :(

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