Friday, February 18, 2011

Organizing the girly drawer & the junk drawer

So we all have it, or them...the drawer that holds all our make up and hair stuff and girly must have needs. Mine was getting out of control!
 I have long hair and love to play around with hairstyles so of coarse I have a million rubberbands and hair ties and clips and these and those and stuff for my hair. I keep them all together usually in one spot in a plastic bin the only problem is they all get mixed up and then I get mad because I need 15 bobbi pins to hold my messy bun in place and I only have 12...and as you may know 12 just will not do!
So I have been on the search for something to fix my problem. My husband says chop the hair, I say
 Originally, I wanted something fun and colorful that would make easy access for all my different hair things, so I thought paper clip holders! Yes!!! They come in all sorts of colors and have the hole in the middle for easy getting.......did you know that they don't sell them in Texas anymore!!! The ones they do sell are stupid looking. I was devasted and my great plan was foiled.
So today while I was scouring Wal-Mart for something, anything that would work I found this!
It's not the prettiest thing ever, really not pretty at all. But for $2 who really cares! I am the only one who is going to see it anyway. I got it in the make your own jewelry section, it's for beads and string and whatnots.

And it is PERFECT! Look at how nicely everything fits and has a new home. Now when I need 15 bobbi pins I can get 15 bobbi pins right away!

It has places for all my stuff and even leaves room in my drawer!
I think I am going to get another for my makeup!

And with the extra black plastic bin that I was no longer using, I moved it to the "OTHER" drawer we all have...dun dun dun....THE JUNK DRAWER!
I keep all my sons school papers for the 6 weeks so that we can go over them at the end
so I moved them to where they really need to be not the trash! 
His file folder in the command center. And I put the straws in the basket with all my other plastic eatin stuff.

So pretty...well not really pretty but organized! We'll see how long it actually stays this way!

How do you keep your girly stuff organized? And what does your junk drawer look like, a deep dark hole of nonsense or an organized place to get stuff from? How do you organize your stuff in the junk drawer? Always looking for better ideas than this!



Leanne said...

That looks so great. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

It definitely looks so much better! Don't you love the feeling of an organized space? I swear I could stand and stare at a newly organized spot all day. :-) If you do end up wanting to change the look of your new container, you could always put some scrapbooking paper in the top? Great job!

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