Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's in the box???

I have a box in my upstair closet that holds all my decorating stuff.
Nothing fancy, no super organization up there.
While I could go for something a bit better than an old Angel Soft toilet paper box it works because really theres not alot. I firmly believe in using what you own, but I do on occasion have some things in there that I like to do the ol' swaparoo with.

So I got into my magic box and here is what I'm excited to display right now.

I got the old game and barn door pully from an antique store back in December. My thought is to display the game set in seperate pieces. I'm thinking of putting the game pieces in a vase to display and maybe distressing the game board and putting it up on my mantle or even hanging them on a wall....I have seen these really cool wood game boards at Hobby Lobby and when I found this I thought of them.
As for the barn door pully, I have a basket in my kitchen that I like to fill with fun finds and I think that this would pair perfect with my old metal rooster and some other nicknacky stuff. The barn door pully is such a cool piece I really want to display it on a shelf somewhere, but no shelves do I have. For now it has made its home in the basket looking all barn door pully cool.

I made the wreath 4 years ago, it was the very first thing I ever made!!! I remember being sooo excited about it, now not so much, but it is bright and very springy so until I get another one made this is hanging in my kitchen. I love wreaths on interior doors. I love them on exterior doors too but we have a really cool glass front door that I would hate to cover up with a wreath so for now, here she stays. I have been inspired by several blogs with new wreath ideas its just a matter of getting the supplies I need and doing it.

Here is how I have actually decorated with these items for now.

I am not completely sold on distressing such a neat piece, it's actually in great shape for being as old as it is, so until I am for sure what I want to do with it I have it displayed on a shelf on my enterainment center.
It's a good conversation starter there.

Do ya'll have any ideas for the game board and barn door pully?? Please feel free to share!! I am open to anything!


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