Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow = Crafters Heaven & A VERY Cold, Messy House

So... like the other 20 states involved in the MASSIVE snow storm we too have been hit here in Texas!
(The street may look clear, but really it's a thick sheet of ice!)

Being involved in a snow storm isn't so strange for us, what is strange though is that it's
February and there's snow in Texas!
And not only that but for the first time EVER we are sitting with a wind chill of -1!
Never in my 30 years has it been this bone chilling cold here. It's so cold here and let's face's Texas we're just not used to it...that the electric company has determined we are using too much electricity and is enforcing rolling power OUTAGES!!!
Which means not only is it negative outside but most of our houses are holding a temp of around 60-65 because they keep taking our power out! BUUUURRRRR!!!!!
(Yes people, the INSIDE of our window is frozen!!!
I'm not sure if that means our windows are EXTREMELY inefficient
if it just means IT'S TO DANG COLD!)

I am finding my self laughing though because as you all know, we are hosting the Super Bowl here this year and it couldn't be a worse time for this snow storm. I think Jerry Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and stadium where the Super Bowl is being held is FREAKING OUT! I am not laughing because of that, I am laughing because all the Pittsburg natives think this weather is great and are on the news walking around in scarves and sweatshirts and us Texans are at home not daring to venture outside! 
When it snows and ices in Texas the whole state shuts down, the schools, offices, banks, gas stations, grocery stores even the airport! But yet in let's say... Chicago...they just throw on a scarf get out the snow plow and off they go! It just makes me laugh!
 (Our dog Foxy leans on the side of the Pittsburg natives, she LOVES the snow!
She's an inside dog and actually wants to be outside right now!)

The good thing about snow days is we are all here as a family hanging out suffering together, and after a weekend with a sick kid that's exactly what every mom is begging for...right???.....I just wish we could enjoy the snow a bit. Yesterday I sent my boys out to play and after 5 minutes they were screaming at the door because they couldnt open it, frost bite had began to set in.... because apparently that is how fast the beginning stages of frost bite kick in! Oh well. I have to say despite a completely messy house that I keep picking up I have decided I am crafting, blogging in between power outages and enjoying my time with my family!
Snow days = Crafters Heaven!! Because today my husband can't say:
HUSBAND: "honey....why isn't the laundry finished?" or "what's for dinner? what did you do all day? Did you spend the day blogging AGAIN???"
which forces me to say:
ME: "babe...come on...there was ALOT of laundry, I got it all washed, just didn't get it all folded" or "dinner??? we just ate lunch...I wasn't blogging ALL day...I was on facebook for some of it..."

I can craft and blog ALL I WANT!! Because while I'm blogging he and the boys are watching Wyatt Earp, Open Range and a variety of other cowboys movies over and over and over and in the middle of that they take a break to play Guitar Hero, which I just got beckoned to participate in.........ok sorry I'm back just had to go woop up on the kids, no one can play Smashing Pumpkins on Guitaro Hero like I can!! I mean come on, that was my jam when I was in 6th grade! Anyway...

 (Our other dog Sadie, who is a Texan through and through, she's not crazy
enough to be out there. So she's attacking her stuffed squirrl to take
out her aggression & boredom)

Today is such a totally random post, I dont know if anyone cares, but I just figure our lives are out on these blogs for the world to see, they aren't perfectly orchastrated lives, sometimes snow gets in the way and we make the best of it, sometimes our house gets messy because we are busy being a family and that's ok. Who cares! If we don't take advantage of the time the God gives us to spend with our family then really whats life all about??? I want you to enjoy my postings but mostly I hope that it inspires you, not just to craft and create an organized and clean house, but I hope that it inspires you to take the time with your family and enjoy it, because in a few days life goes on, the hustle and bustle start again and these days and times are gone.

So to all my friends out there in blog world...happy crafting, happy cleaning, happy snow days and stay warm!


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