Saturday, February 12, 2011

Command Center Addition

A few weeks ago I put a family command center (post and tutorial here) up in my mud/laundry room, since this is the door we enter into the house through it was a very fitting place for a command center to go. However, as pretty as it was the kids were just passing by it most days without giving a whole lot of thought to what is ON the boards that desires their immediate attention. SOOOOO, with aleft over old shelf that used to be in my sons room, I made a chalkboard that I can write notes on. I took the opportunity to write STOP & LOOK with arrows pointing down in hopes that this will grab their attention. And if certinly is cute!

Items Used:
Old shelf
Chalkboard spray paint
Patience - I am adding this one because I did not wait the full 24hours at first and messed it up causing me to have to add another coat of paint and WAIT a whole other day...BOO

So easy I don't think I really need step by step picts but I will show you them anyway.



Cool huh? It was just the special touch that it needed!
If you have any other ideas for messages please let me know! I'm sure I will need
to change it often to continue to grab their attention.


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Jamie said...

Jen, that would be a great place to write encouraging notes to them before the go to school each day or scripture that you want them to think about throughout their day. Of course, it only works if they actually look at it! :)

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