Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yellow & Blue = Green

Did you know that if you wash something yellow with something blue, the yellow item or in this case ites will turn green????!!!! Yes of coarse you did. And so did I but as I threw the yellow bath rugs and blue bath rugs into the washer at THE SAME TIME I wasn't really thinking about it. Well....actually I thought of it, I thought "Self, you should probably run two loads for may change your yellow rug colors...nah to much work" And so you can imagine the suprise I felt when I open the washer and pulled out my used to be yellow rugs. I was MAD! At who I'm not really sure, at first the blue rug for even being dirty enough to need to be washed but then I remembered that I could have stopped it, the color changing fairy knew it and was telling me NOOOOOOOO, but I didn't listen! The really sad thing is that I put them in the dryer in hopes that maybe they just looked green because they were wet....but nope they are green. All I can say is at least they still match my bathroom!

I didnt have a before picture, but the yellow/gold of this sign
is the original color of my rugs.
In case your wondering, I got this sign at HOB LOB!! I love the saying.

And this is my yellow rug now!

Like I said, at least they still match.....

The really funny thing is when I was telling the story to my husband, he laughed at me and just "yeah right"
like I purposefully did this! MEN, sheesh.


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