Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love it when the hubs is gone

I love it when the hubs is gone...don't get me wrong I miss him insanely when he goes to the lease for the weekend, but I really enjoy the time I have to just do WHATEVER I want to do and not be rushed to blog less or clean more or hurry here and hurry there. I can clean at 3am if I want who cares! He goes every few weeks for the weekend and it's usually the same weekend my kids stay with their Nana all weekend so I fly solo for 3 whole days! This weekend so far I have been catching up on all my crafting, I'm sure you can tell from the many posts already posted...and taking time to search out some new blogs, I found a few if you want to check out my sidebar, they are all on their!

But really my main reason for this post is to say this....I love it most when he is gone because of how easy it is to make our bed! He says I toss and turn at night and I am the culprit of the bedding looking like a tornade hit in the middle of the night, but I am here to say it is NOT ME! When I get up in the mornings my bed looks like this:
Instead of the normal shambles it's usually in. And it's so much easier to make up! Usually I have to take our heavy comforter off, then take the blanket off, fix the sheets, put the blankt back on, put the comfortor back on then all 9 pillows. Can you say HASSEL!

 But when it's just me and my dog Sadie it's as easy as



And voila, a make up bed in less than 2 minutes!

What I wanna know is am I the only one who deals with this insanity??? Please share!


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Pamela said...

too funny! my husband says the same about me! they're so not right :)

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