Saturday, February 12, 2011

Number Heaven & Painting of a Tin Bucket Tutorial

So I think I have finally caught up to the whole number everything in your house trend. I'm not really one on trends, I love my house just the way I love my house and if it's not "IN" and "YOU" don't love it, well then so be it. But for awhile now I have been watching bloggers number things from chairs to stairs, doors to floors, and while I don't want anything nearly as permenante as ripping up the carpet on my stairs to that I can paint numbers on them (as cute as it is) or painting my chairs I do enjoy the look of it. I have recently branched out with numbers in a few different ways that are similar to that but less permenante, actually not at all permenante.

I created a Pottery Barn Knockoff and have them hanging on a few doors.
(Tutorial here)

I painted a silver can with a white square and then painted a #1 on that and filled it with flowers and put in on the 1st step of my staircase.
(Tutorial Below)

I purchased burlap and made table runners and painted numbers for the seating placements.
(Tutorial here)

So I think it's safe to say I LURVE numbers from the very bottom of my heart! I'm looking around my house thinking "what else can I number???" But I do think I'm gonna call it quites while I'm ahead because unlike monograms, I do think numbers can reach overkill.

So do you love the tin bucket and have one sitting at home waiting for something to snazzy it up???
Easy projects is what I am all about!

Items Needed:
Black Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush

1. Tape a square off in the center of the bucket and paint with the white paint.

2. Lay your stencil in the center and carefully dab the black paint.

3. And then TAA DAA a snazzy bucket!


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