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{momma fashion 101} renewing your makeup routine

School marks the beginning of Fall for most of us, especially us out in blogland, and with Fall comes a sense of needing to renew and restart. A lot of us begin a new workout schedule, do a Fall cleaning (equally as important as the Spring cleaning), renew our home with Fall decorations and various other tasks. However, how often do we look at our makeup routine and renew that? Not often I venture to say. Just like we renew our home to make it look better, we need to renew our makeup to make ourselves look better! Makeup should be invisible when applied correctly, otherwise major aging goes on.

Beauty Rule #1: Concealer!
We all love it and we probably all need it. Applying concealer lightly and only to the places you need it will do more for you than any other product out there. Dab it on and blend it in, rubbing is counterproductive.

Beauty Rule #2: Get rid of the lines.
There should be no distinct lines (not visible, distinct...there is a difference) on your lips, lids, or anywhere else on your face. A great product to help hold your shadow in place is Stay Don't Stray by Benefit. You can get it a Sephora for $26.

Beauty Rule #3: Powder and eyes don't mix.
If you never ever ever read another thing I write, read this! Never put power under your eyes, it will highlight the wrinkles that were otherwise invisible to the naked eye.  It cakes up and just looks funky. This is mainly due to the fact that the skin under your eye is thin and has no oil production.

Foundation. If you don't need it skip it. If you do need to wear it like I have to most days match it not to your arm or wrist but to the skin on your face. I know that goes against everything you have been taught. But logically...why match something your face is wearing to your arm? Also, this is new to me and works wonders, apply it before your concealer. This way you know where you need the extra TLC. Remember that the job of foundation is to prep the surface, not cover the dark spots and acne marks, to much is just..too much.

Concealer. Who doesn't love concealer?! It can change your look and boost your confidence. Make sure you are dabbing it on not rubbing it on and always use a concealer brush. I have one from Sephora, love it!

Powder. I venture to say most of us wear it and benefit from it. But when done wrong, boy is it wrong. Powder only the areas that need it and if you apply too much, giving your face a matte finish, go over your face with a large blush brush to wipe up the extra. Resist the urge to reapply through out the day. Multiple layers of powder will give your face a cakey look. If you are shiny, blot with oil control papers. Biore carries some that are small and compact and work great!

Blush. Blush should be applied in a way that it gives natural color to your cheeks and that is it. If your unsure of what color/colors to use spend an afternoon with your blush colors and makeup remover. Hair color, skin color, eye color, they all play a part in what color is best. For example, during the summer I brighten my hair up and am very tan, I tend to look best in a pink color, and in the winter when I darken my hair a bit a more peachy color does the trick. When applying your blush smile! This will expose the natural apples of your cheeks and give you a fail safe place to apply your blush. Apply your blush first. I learned this from my Mary Kay lady, blush darkens after a few minutes, so often we apply it last and we tend to apply more and then go out looking like a clown. Applying it first gives it time to do it's thing and allows you to tone it down it you need to.

Bronzer. Can I just say I love bronzer. When I am in a hurry bronzer is my best friend. However, like blush if it is done wrong it is wrong. Apply your bronzer with a big brush and apply only to the parts of your face that stick out, cheekbones, forehead, chin and nose. Overdoing bronzer is a dead give away.

Lipstick, gloss and stains. I am a gloss kinda girl. But here are some tips anyway. Matte anything is ageing even on the lips. Add a shine! On the other side too much gloss can teeny bopper you. Sheer stains are good but can actually stain your lips. A good natural color lip gloss finishes any look.

Eyes: liners, shadows and mascara. Because there are so many options for eyes, they are often the most easy to over do. Focus on enhancing your eyes not makeing a dramatic statement. To flatter your eye, stick with a sheer and neutral color. Bold colors can be fun just make sure you are applying them as a wash of color, kind of like a water color and not a marker. Liquid eyeliner...hate it. Use the good ole pencil, make sure it is not to sharp and make dots across the area your are applying. I only apply to the outer corners of my eyes then blend in with a Qtip. Apply your liner before your shadow. This will help it to last longer. If you wear both liner and mascara, by apply your liner first you will use less mascara. However, I only use one or the other, usually just liner then I curl my lashes. If your wearing mascara only use black or brown! Any other color indicates you are about to run off to the circus. Mascara was created to make your lashes look great not like they have mascara on them. One or two coats max is all you need.

Like food, makeup also has a shelf life. Go through your makeup bag, perge the old stuff, get some new stuff and voila a renewed, beatiful you!

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