Thursday, September 8, 2011

{momma fashion 101} Style Don'ts

The original plan when starting this series was to give some basics then go through each of the "styles" around. However, the more I think about it and my knowledge of all styles I think I am sticking with what I know best and that is not divulging into tips on how to be the euber trendy mom or how to be a fashionista. Because frankly I am not either. I have expressed several times my comfort level and how I dress, I dress to please me and make myself feel good while being considerate of my husband and kids. I am instead shifting this series to a more perfecting your style direction. I think that there are some generic tips, do's and don'ts that if we all follow no matter what our style preference is we can do it with grace and elegance.

That being said, I want to share with you some of the don'ts of style that I try to follow. Some of these are spins off research I have done and some are educated thoughts based off what I see of the celebrities doing. I tend to follow Jennifer Aniston and Beth Moore the most when I look to styling myself.

Ultimately as busy wives and moms what we all want is less, the way to get that modern, fresh and uncontrived style is quite simple: less. Clean shiny hair, clear skin, not too much makeup, little jewelry, those should be the basics we stick with, now how do we achieve it?

1. Don't assume there is something wrong with you.
If you have your hairdresser or close friend telling you your hair is too thin, thick or flat, get a new hairdresser! God made us the way we are, perfect in everything he created, he was not wrong. Work with what you have.

2. Don't be afraid to be classic.
Classic does not equal boring. Classic can be very fashionable. If the look works on you why change it? Who cares what the magazines say is cool, if it looks flawless on you it is cool and so are you!

3. Don't try to look like everyone else.
As a blogger we are HORRIBLE at this. We see someones craft and boom we recreate it, we see someones house and boom are house is no longer good enough unless we have the same white cabinets, chevron rug and teal pillows that everyone else has. And ladies it is the same with fashion. We see how another mom dresses and boom we run out and imitate that look. Be you! Changing your look to follow every trend out there shows how insecure we really are.

4. Don't go too blond.
There is nothing pretty about over processed hair. Hair that is bleached too much becomes porous and looses its natural shine. Tone down those over the top highlights, make your hair darker and richer. If you love blond by all means go for it, I have highlighted hair too, just keep it Carmel and not so...white...

5. Don't adopt a regional look.
Our houses are decorated regionally that just the way it is, but your style does not have to follow suite. Style yourself according to your personality not your zip code. Just because your whole neighborhood walks around in swim suits and cover ups does not mean you have to!

6. Don't be too serious.
Accessories are a perfect way to express yourself. Find a pair of great shoes and purse to bring out your personality. Have fun with your style!

7. Don't try to look picture perfect.
I had a hard time with this for years. Every hair had to be in place, lipstick on, always ready. That is exhausting! It's OK if your hair is in a messed up pony. Chances are people will think you did it on purpose anyway.

8. Be creative and confident.
A closet with only ten items in it can be better that one with hundreds. If you have a jacket, scarf, necklace whatever it may be, that looks great on you and you feel great in why change it? Who cares really! If you love it and it suites you what is the point of having a hundred. There is not point and that right there is what reflects real style.

9. Stop adding and start subtracting.
This goes along with #9. Eliminate to bring out the best. I saw alot of bloggers come to this conclusion with their houses this past year. Homes that were filled to the brim with knickknacks and furniture got pared down to the necessities. Apply the same thought process to your makeup, your hair, your clothing. Think about the 5 second face instead of the 5 minute face. When it comes to jewelry, less is absolutely more. We should only wear enough jewelry to balance out look. Too much jewelry looks cheap. When I look at Jennifer Aniston I never see her in a ton of bangles, 3 strands of necklaces and earrings. I see her in a simple watch, small dainty bracelet, toe ring and simple necklace. Too me Jennifer Aniston is the epitome of classic.

10. Take off the logo.
For awhile I thought this was just a quirk of mine, but I actually read it recently when researcring for this series. Tshirts are great and welcomed into any wardrobe, however, gone is the age where logos are cool. We are not cool in American Eagle or Aeropostale. I am not saying don't shop at those places, by all means if you can fit, go but I am saying buy something other than the $10 logo tshirt. They are really for a much young generation....our kids.

There you go girlies, have fun, be you, be confident, be classic and be happy! 

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Chibiko said...

Love, Love, Love this post!!

Day Old Coffee said...

Love this post, especially as I've been going through a style crisis since school started. I hate feeling like I have to "dress up" to pick my child up from school! At the same time, I don't want to look like I've been scrubbing floors all day. Your post is inspirational - going to go rethink things right now!

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