Friday, September 23, 2011

fence panel headboard

To cheap to buy a headboard for you kid? Love DIY projects? Have an old fence panel lying around that you cant get rid of because you know the minute you do you will need it? 
Then this post is for you!
I fall under all three categories, I hate spending money when I can DIY something crafty for free.

I never thought about blogging about the fence panel headboard in my sons room because we have had it for so long, but recently some friends came over for the first time and loved it so I thought "self, why not blog about it!" If my friends love it maybe my blog friends will too!" I know pallets are all the rage right now and yes I love them too but I really love the fence headboard!  Especially since I already have it...

The only things we had to do was cut the panel vertically to the width we wanted and then attach it to the bed. My son is a die hard cowboy, and on the ranches here in Texas you will see boots on the fence posts, thus the upside down boots.

Cheap. Quick. and Different. My three favorite things!

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