Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vote for ME!!!

After taking a small break to reorganize my thoughts and time I hoped on my email and to my surprise had the most amazing email sitting in my inbox....I have been nominated to the Top 25 Home Management Blogs on Circle of Moms! I am so humbled that my thoughts, tips and ideas are taken seriously and enjoyed out there. I have to say there are days I dont get a lot of comments that I think, why oh why do I continue this. And then BAM! It is apparent to me, we are a circle of moms sharing with one another and it means something!
So a hugh thank you to whom ever nominated me and please VOTE!

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Kristin said...

Hey Jen -
I'm not a mom, but I do enjoy organizing and reading about organizing!
Saw you on the list of noms for the Top 25 Home Management and your blog name appealed so am here to read more. Thanks for blogging.

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