Monday, September 26, 2011

do you valance or drape?

I am always curious about what other people use in their homes for window coverings. I am a tooth person and a window person, those are the first things I notice, just the way I am.
I really love valances, especially because our windows give way to a pretty view. Although I do have one set of drapes in my dining room.
Sometimes I want to be a drape person, they are so luxurious and pretty...sometimes I look at my windows and want to dress them in linen, but I love the valances I have. They add height and color to the room while allowing us to look out into the backyard we work so hard on.
Sooo, while scouring Pininterst today I found these rooms that sparked my interest and thought...
What do you do? Do you valance or drape?
What are your thoughts when you have three windows all on one wall, two of which are in the living room and one that is in the eat in kitchen?
Do you dress them all the same? Would you drape one and valance the rest?
 I would love some feedback on what all my blog friends think!

(all photos from Pininterest)

burlap valances

Cute tie up valances




And now for what I dress my windows with!

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