Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Momma Fashion 101 {What to Wear 2}

Momma Fashion 101 {What 2 Wear} continues with on with week 2! I have had some great feedback on this series so that is always really exciting!

This W2W is actually from last week, I just did not have time to post it. I have been working a part time job to bring in some extra cash for the holidays and man oh man is it kicking my butt! But (haha) I am enjoying being in the working world for just a bit and making money is always nice! So with out further adue here we go!

1. ANA jeans, ANA sweater, plain white tshirt from Ross with white cami under. (we don't want to show our unmentionables!)

2. ANA jeans, black tank layered with white tank, sweater/top thing from Marshalls, necklace from Kohls last year. Every girl needs pearls (or fake ones at least).
3. Black leggings, Calvin Klein sun dress with pink tank under, Decree sweater, Justin boots.
4. ANA jeans, ANA 3/4 sleeve button up layered with Express short sleeve sweater.

Not on jeans: I really like the ANA jeans from JCPenny, I own several pairs of the same style and several in different styles. If you find a pant or jean you love wear it and buy many! Jeans will make or break an outfit so make sure you find a pair that is flattering to your body type and style. 

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