Monday, October 10, 2011

6 new uses for SANDPAPER

Sandpaper! We all have some in our home somewhere, maybe like me, you are a sandpaper fanatic and sand everything in sight or maybe it's just hanging out quietly in your husbands tool box. Either way break it out because you are bound to need it to solve one of these solutions!
1. Jar Opener - pesky jar wont open and no strong man around, grab any grit to help you open that jar!

2. Grout Cleaner - who wants to sit on the floor with a tooth brush and grout cleaner following endless steps on the back of a bottle - not me! Break out the medium grit sandpaper and get to work, your grout will be cleaner in minutes!

3. Suede Saver - For those who have the popular, easy to clean suede or micro fiber couches, this works great for you. Because they are neither popular or easy to clean. We have a micro fiber chair that the hubs loves, needless to say it is a bit nasty...a few quick rubs with the fine grit sandpaper and VOILA clean again!

4. Knit Depiller - unless you have that nifty knit knapper thing that cuts holes in your favorite knit sweater trying to take off the piling; this works great! Wipe fine grit sandpaper over your sweater gently in one direction to take those pesky pills away!

5. Sole Scuffer - Rub medium grit sandpaper over the bottoms of your new boots to give that slippery sole some traction.

6. Nail File - emery board no where in site - fine grit sandpaper if a great substitute to smooth out those nails!

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