Tuesday, August 16, 2011

organizing your life: {back to school edition}

We all know it's coming soon, we all know we need it, so here it is ladies...
organizing your life: {back to school edition}

Are you ready? Really ready! In a few short days or weeks, Monday the 22nd to be exact, are kids will all be headed back to school and our lives will resume to some sort of my case hectic-crazy-why me-normalcy.

In order for me to make sure that my school year starts off with a bang there are a few things I like to do the week prior to school starting. These simple things make my days easier, and after all isn't that what we are all seeking...easier!

First things first, I take advantage of the back to school supplies being on sale. I buy extra boxes of crayons and markers or map pencils, pencils and scissors for my kids. Each of my kids have a crayon box filled with their own supplies for homework and each year the supplies get re upped and I use the old supplies for my personal crafting needs. I make sure the kids supply/craft area is cleaned and stocked with paper of all kinds and anything they may need to grab during the school year.

Cra-Z-Art Crayons, 24ctCrayola Washable Markers, Tropical Colors, 8pk

After that is done I move on to the command center!
(click HERE for full tutorial)
I clean out their pouches and get them new folders. We each have a pocket and bulletin board in the command center that houses our folders and misc other info. For the various activities I am involved in I have a folder so that I can grab and go, and the boys each have a folder that keeps the homework or study sheets for the week.

Now that I have that all organized, I move on to the infamous storage hooks.
Mudroom Makeup
Yes we all have them, during the summer they hold beach towels and bags, hats and dog leashes...and during school they display the backpacks and baseball caps with ease. So since summer is almost over, away go the beach bags and towels and in come the freshly washed backpacks waiting to become dirty again!

With that, I am ready! Now how many more days till the 22nd??.....


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