Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby Shower Ideas

Over the summer I had the opportunity to plan and host my best cousins baby shower. She is more like a sister than a cousin so I really wanted to get creative and make this the best experience for her ever! She lives about an hour away and her friends and family are scattered around so we knew that there would be no good place to have the shower. To make it easy on her (it is her day after all) I called Macaroni Grill, a local upscale restaurant and reserved a room there.
They were so kind and allowed me to bring in decorations and cake.
Because I hosted the shower in a restaurant I was limited on what I could do for decoration.I chose the less is more
moto and used items such as the cake and gifts, plates and appetizers to help set the style. She picked the colors hot pink and lime green and let me run with the rest.
I love doing these kind of things! I get to be crafty and serve others which are the two things I love to do most!

{Decorations & Inspiration}

I created place settings using newborn diapers, ribbon and handmade name tags.
And everyone got a delicious handmade onzie sugar cookie!

The blogger famous tissue balls got used on the fireplace which was the backdrop for my cousin.

on the left To keep it simple for the restaurant I had cupcakes made that matched her "mommy cake"
on the right Her mom made the super cute diaper cake!
The picture does NOT do it justice this is seriously the cutest thing ever!

The "mommy cake"
The cake company captured exactly what I wanted!

Simple, but classy which is what she is all about!

Macaroni Grill allows you to write on the paper table liner, because we were so sweet they let us keep it too! So I used it as a sign in and had all the guests write kind notes to mommy and baby.

More tissue balls, such an easy decoration that gave such a big impact!

Mommy to be and Gramma to be
 I wanted them both to feel special and set apart (having a baby isn't enough) so I made them mums to make sure the whole restaurant knew who they were!

As the hostess I felt I needed to match the decorations...
I totally did not plan that, I got there and she said "hey you blend!"


How big do you think she is? Why do we feel the need to embarrass people?

After you read all those baby mags you get from the time your day 1 prego,
use them to have the guests "design" your baby!

This is probably the funniest game EVER! Fill diapers with various melted chocolate bars and let the guests smell the "poo" to determine what candy bar it is!

I do not have any tutorials on the items I made, however if you would like to know just ask and I can send you a tut!

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Em said...

Question? Did you make the tissue flowers or purchase them?
Cute shower!

Thank you - Em

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